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Comfortable, cosy and familiar, we know there’s no better feeling than flicking on the TV, curling up into the foetal position and indulging in some hard-earned couch time. But while some may associate their settee with the art of relaxing, research suggests that not everyone thinks of theirs quite so innocently.

In fact, if you’re the type of person who sees your sofa as nothing more than a place to kick back, watch TV and eat nachos, you’re actually in the minority! From sex through to breakups, as it turns out, most Brits are doing much more on their sofas than we first thought…

Are you in the 63% of Brits having sex on the sofa?

Over the past few weeks, the team here at Furniture Choice set out to uncover exactly what Brits do on their beloved settees – and the results, well, kind of speak for themselves.

According to our research, over 63% of Brits confessed to having sex on their sofa, while over a third admit to spending some quality time sat on their couches in nothing but their birthday suit. Harrowing stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

As well as being the go-to place for naked bodies, sofas also seem to a great place to go whenever emotions start to run high. In fact, our results show that 80% of female respondents have cried on their sofas, while 15% of both men and women admit that they’ve ended a relationship while chilling on the couch.

sofa secrets

It’s interesting to see what us Brits get up to – the results from the survey confirm that our sofas do actually have a lot of secrets to reveal…

However, for those with sensitive souls, fear not – there is some good news. Despite all the nudity, sadness and general debauchery that is evidently happening on sofas throughout the UK, a modest 7% of respondents admit that they have in fact been proposed to on their sofas – which is something that’s a little more, shall we say, tasteful to finish on, don’t you think?


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