5 ways to decorate with tropical style at home

Discover different ways to style tropical décor at home with this guide. Read more for the latest tips.

Is the beach out of your reach?

With summer in full swing, transforming your home into the tropical getaway of your dreams may just be the next best option. Read on to discover versatile and uplifting ways to decorate with tropical decor at home. And for more summery ideas, here’s our Shop the Look: A Summer Breeze.

What is tropical decor?

Oatmeal fabric bed in a tropical bedroom
Astor bed

Drawing from lush, exotic island life, tropical decor is all about creating a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere at home. Rooms with open space layouts are the perfect place to get started, and allow you to take advantage of natural light streaming in from the windows for that cheerful, sunny feeling. Choose a neutral palette and build on it with pops of colour such as green or blue which are reminiscent of natural greenery and the ocean. And complete the look with wooden accents such as rattan, wicker or jute.

1. Decorate with indoor plants

Tropical dining room with white dining set
Grange dining set

Indoor plants are the mainstay of tropical decor and the easiest way to bring this style into your home. By bringing the outdoors in, plants create a cleaner breathing space while serving as an interior accent.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Infographic of top indoor plants at home
  • Areca palm
    - A fast-growing plant that needs to be placed near the window for direct sunlight
    - Water every 2 to 3 days
  • Monstera adansonii (swiss cheese plant)
    - Easy to grow and needs to be repotted annually
    - Water only whenever the soil becomes dry to the touch
  • Epipremnum Aureum (devil’s ivy)
    - A lush creeper that thrives indoors
    - Change the water every 2-3 weeks
  • Hedera helix (trailing ivy)
    - An evergreen vine suitable for hanging baskets
    - Only water when soil is dry

But if you don’t have much of a green thumb (yet!), there’s no reason to shy away from artificial plants. Faux foliage these days can look just as real to liven up a room with pops of greenery. Take it a step further with tropical accessories like a leaf-shaped rug or plant prints to tie the room together.

2. Combine tropical decor with minimalist design

Mission White Leather 2 Seater Sofa
Mission sofa

Tropical style is known for its bold and vibrant finish but for a more subtle approach, try your hand at tropical minimalist decor. This style maintains all the basic details of tropical decor but is balanced out with a clean, uncluttered interior.

Tropical minimalist living room with indoor plants and rattan accessories
Banarsi Designs

And since minimalist design is defined by its ‘less is more’ motto, a white contemporary space provides a blank canvas to build on with this style. The important thing here is to create a room that isn’t too matchy or perfect and instead feels laidback and lived-in. Take minimalism’s ethos of bringing together form and function and add a tropical aspect to it. For example, an accent chair with a rattan finish is a simple way to bring a tropical touch to the living room while freeing up seating space.

3. Keep it stylish with Scandinavian design

Neutral living room with tropical prints and accessories
Scandinavian dining room with palm print wallpaper

Scandinavian interiors and tropical decor may seem like stark opposites on first impression but they actually work surprisingly well together. Take the opportunity to highlight their shared traits such as their appreciation for natural materials while using their differences to create a chic contrast. For example, emphasise the sleek modern silhouettes in the living or dining room alongside tropical palm leaf wallpaper or prints for a bold (yet cosy) statement.

White scandinavian bedroom with tropical print bedsheets

Follow the same rules in the bedroom by bringing a dose of hygge with a lively tropical twist. Keep to a cosy aesthetic with the help of understated wooden tones that will complement the lush tropical prints and create a relaxing yet refreshing space.

4. Layer with modern bohemian design

Bohemian style with a tropical touch
Kenley bed

Characterised by warm earth tones, cosy layers and a mixture of patterns, modern bohemian style is a natural fit when paired with tropical decor. Celebrate their laidback qualities in the bedroom by adding depth to your space with the help of different textures and by layering rugs, throws and cushions for a rich visual impact.

Rattan chair with bohemian wallpaper print
Madame Decore
Colourful bohemian living room with green sofa, pastel cushions and rug
Oh Joy!

And if you want a whimsical touch, lean into modern boho and tropical’s fun side by adding pops of colour. Tap into bohemian design’s unconventional qualities here by experimenting with unique tropical prints. From palm leaf wallpaper to colourful cushions and rugs, don’t be afraid to mix different textures and patterns together using a pastel palette for an uplifting but soothing approach. Rattan chairs, for instance, add a warm contrast against silk, velvet and linen to keep it interesting and homely.

5. Keep it classic with coastal tropical style

Bedroom with white wall panels and indigo patterns
Serena & Lily

With tropical and coastal decor both taking inspiration from the beach, it makes perfect sense to combine these two styles! Since both styles favour wide-open spaces, a clean, functional layout is a great way to get started and is a solid foundation to build on with a simple colour palette. Keep it classic by channelling coastal blues with whitewashed walls and flooring while using indigo as the main accent.

Living room with rattan sideboard and paintings
Serena & Lily

Aside from the bedroom, there are other small corners at home where you can incorporate this effortlessly stylish decor combination. For example, a rattan sideboard in the living room is an elegant way to display subtle tropical accents while highlighting textured wall panels. These visual and sensorial elements showcase the refreshing feel of coastal style in its natural glory.

Want more summer home inspiration?

ivory chesterfield sofa set in a relaxing summer style living room
Furniture And Choice

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