The Best Corner Sofas Of 2024 From Furniture And Choice

Explore the best corner sofas to have in 2024 for style and comfort with expert advice from our interior stylist.

Corner sofas that are in style for 2024 are spacious, comfy, and big on texture. Think oversized sofas with deep cushions and luxurious upholstery like plush fabric or soft faux leather. The best corner sofas can transform your living room into a cosy sanctuary, a sofa that can let you stretch out and put your feet up.

The great thing about corner sofas is that they are excellent space savers while adding more seats. Depending on their design, it can fit into an awkward corner in your living room or creating zones in an open plan living room. If you regularly have people over, a sectional corner sofa may be the sofa you needed to create a cosy atmosphere.

Our best corner sofas of 2024 come in a variety of designs, timeless colours, and lush upholstery. To help you find the right one for your living room, we spoke to Amthal Karim, our Head of Marketing and Design at Furniture And Choice.

Amthal Karim

Head of Design at Furniture And Choice

“When shopping for a corner sofa, it’s important to consider the sofa’s size and how it will fit into your home,” says Amthal. “For smaller layouts, a compact style sofa with raised legs will give off a clean, airy feel and for larger homes or open plan designs, a corner sofa with sleek lines will help zone your spaces.”

For this list we’ve rounded up the best corner sofas in terms of style, comfort and size. From sleek sectionals to comfy recliners, you can have your pick from our top corner sofas of 2024 all at affordable prices.

For more tips on how to choose the best sofa for your living room, check out our depth guide on our ultimate sofa guide to find out more.

1. Most chic corner sofa

Chic grey corner sofa in plush fabric
Baltimore Corner Sofa
Best for Timeless neutral spaces and works with any colour scheme
Upholstery Plush fabric
Number of colour options 9
Features Comes in a warm dove tone and chic silhouette that’s perfect for minimalist or neutral style living rooms
Configuration L-shape with chaise

Stylish, modern and sleek the Baltimore Corner Sofa ticks all the right boxes. This corner sofa is great for anyone who loves clean lines and subtle style. Its contemporary silhouette will ground your living room and make it easy to accessorise and decorate around. Aside from being chic, it’s super comfy too with its soft plush fabric upholstery.

“Our customers love that the Baltimore Corner Sofa looks more expensive than its actual price,” Amthal says. “We can’t help but agree with its luxe design and upholstery choices. If you’re leaning towards a contemporary (but timeless) style this should be your top pick.”

2. Best for classic english design

Light grey Chesterfield corner sofa in the living room
Hampton L-Shape Sofa
Best for Classic Chesterfield design
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 12
Features Soft faux leather upholstery and L-shape chaise which gives it a distinctly industrial feel or can give a classic home a modern update
Configuration Interchangeable chaise

If you’re looking for a traditional Chesterfield leather sofa, the Hampton-L Shape Sofa might be the best corner sofa for your living room. Its elegant, scroll arms and deep buttoned backrest keeps it classic but the interchangeable chaise of this sofa makes it functional too.

“There’s something about a Chesterfield sofa’s design that makes it look timeless and inviting,” Amthal says. “The light grey faux leather upholstery will soften any space. Meanwhile its chaise makes it easy for you to stretch out and relax.” In reviews, customers say they’re impressed with the quality of the soft upholstery and pocket sprung seats that give you the same level of comfort and support each time you sit down.

3. When you want to make a statement

Statement white faux leather corner sofa in the living room
Kansas Corner Sofa
Best for Statement contemporary style
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 6
Features Statement white faux leather upholstery - it’s a showstopper that’s ideal to accent with metallic decor
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

Sometimes you just want to make a statement in your living room and our Kansas Corner Sofa does just that. With its clean stylish shape and white faux leather, this showstopper will fit perfectly in a contemporary home.

“This white faux leather corner sofa is made to be seen and makes for a stylish centrepiece,” Amthal. “To put it simply - it has main character energy in the living room thanks to its colour choice and upholstery.” This white sofa is also available in other timeless neutrals like black, grey and ivory.

4. Best for monochrome décor

Smart monochrome l-shape sofa in the living room
Baltimore L-Shape Sofa
Best for Smart and contemporary living spaces
Upholstery Plush fabric
Number of colour options 9
Features Comes in a warm ivory tone fabric and black metal legs which makes it perfect for a monochrome living room
Configuration Interchangeable chaise

If you’re a fan of the Baltimore range but in an L-shape design we’ve got the sofa for you. Customers have the option of choosing left or right-hand facing with its interchangeable chaise. With this colour option, it’s the perfect choice for a monochrome living room thanks to its ivory plush fabric upholstery and black metal legs.

“You can say a lot with minimalist design,” Amthal says. “We love that this Baltimore L-shape plush fabric upholstery softens its clean lines and sleek silhouette. All you need to do is add some cushions and a rug to complete the look.”

5. Best recliner sofa

Brown recliner faux leather sofa in the living room
Sorrento Recliner Corner Sofa
Best for Reclining
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 11
Features Reclines on both sides - has a firm sit and has supportive padded arms and armrests
Configuration C-shape corner sofa

If you want a corner sofa to kick back and relax, look no further than our Sorrento Recliner Sofa. As one of our most comfortable corner sofas it’s got not one but two recliners - one on each end. Featuring comfy upholstery, padded armrests and supportive back cushions you’re all set for a movie night or just to unwind after a long day.

“The Sorrento range is one of our top selling recliners as well as for corner sofas,” Amthal says. “Our customers can choose between faux leather, velvet, plush fabric or linen-weave fabric upholstery for maximum cosiness.”

6. Best for apartment living

Black corner sofa in modern industrial living room
Baltimore Corner Sofa
Best for Sleek urban style
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 9
Features Black faux leather upholstery that’s easy to clean and has an urban interior style but also goes with everything
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

We’ve already highlighted the key design features of the Baltimore range and this corner style is the best corner sofa for a small living room and small homes. A symmetrical corner sofa like this will give it an equal amount of seats on either side while also saving you the extra cost of having to buy another sofa.

“Our customers love how it adds a designer look to their living room, with its clean, minimalist design and slim, chrome legs,” Amthal says. “With deep seats, plump cushions and soft upholstery it doesn’t compromise on comfort too.”

7. Best for understated style

Understated l-shape sofa in plush fabric
Valencia L-Shape Sofa
Best for Contemporary understated style
Upholstery Plush fabric
Number of colour options 4
Features A contemporary silhouette which can work in a variety of looks and interior styles whether modern or classic. It can dressed up or down
Configuration Left-hand facing chaise

When you want that understated, designer feel, look no further than the Valencia L-Shape Sofa. With its Italian-inspired style and chic, modern shape this corner sofa ticks all these boxes. From its soft upholstery to slim legs, you’ve got a sofa that’s comfortable and smart.

“Our customers are big fans of the quality and comfort of the Valencia L-Shape Sofa,” Amthal says. “Aside from the design, they also love the colour options available which are all in varying shades of grey. They can also choose from faux leather or plush fabric upholstery for a contemporary look.”

8. Best to dress up with pastels

Modern neutral corner sofa in faux leather
Baltimore Corner Sofa
Best for Modern neutral style
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 9
Features Comes in a popular grey colour in easy to clean leather. Works well in a neutral space but you can also brighten up the mid-grey colour with pastels.
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

For those who want to keep it simple (but stylish) the Baltimore Corner Sofa in grey might be just what you’re looking for. This sectional is a great pick for open plan living rooms if you want to divide your space into different zones. Its neutral colour and upholstery makes it a great solid base if you want to introduce pops of colour to your living room.

“We think pastels go really well with this Baltimore Corner Sofa in grey,” Amthal says. “It will make your accessories stand out and your living room feel more inviting.” For more tips on styling a corner sofa, read our guide to find out more.

9. Best for scandi design

Scandinavian style grey corner sofa
Harlow L-Shape Sofa
Best for Cool, contemporary Scandi design
Upholstery Plush fabric
Number of colour options 3
Features A popular, contemporary look that brings in natural elements with the wooden legs
Configuration Left-hand facing

It’s no secret that Scandi design is popular for its minimalistic yet cosy vibe. Our Harlow L-Shape Sofa is both these things with its smart yet casual shape and plush fabric upholstery. This modern and sophisticated sofa is all about simplicity with its button-back detailing and clean lines.

“The Harlow range is all about the relaxing Scandi aesthetic from its design to neutral colour options,” Amthal says. “You can also pick from plush fabric or velvet upholstery. When it comes to the chaise position, our customers can choose between left-hand or right-hand facing for this sofa.”

10. Modern colour and on trend

Modern green corner sofa in velvet
Baltimore Corner Sofa
Best for Modern colour palette and on trend
Upholstery Velvet
Number of colour options 9
Features Comes in trending green velvet - a confident colour choice which you can style against a neutral backdrop or lavish it up with other bold tones in your decor for maximalist style
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

Our Baltimore Corner Sofa in velvet is an example that a sofa can be both glamorous and practical. As a sectional, it’s great for big and small living rooms while its chic design brings subtle Italian glamour to the home.

“A velvet corner sofa brings the designer touch and adds extra seats,” Amthal says. “It’s also your opportunity to be bold with its deep moss green tone. Depending on how you style it, this deep green can be a solid base or a stylish pop of colour in a neutral living room.”

11. Best for classic yet modern style

Classic Chesterfield corner sofa in a modern living room
Hampton Corner Sofa
Best for Classic style with a modern touch
Upholstery Velvet
Number of colour options 7
Features Warm champagne tone - seats lots of people whilst being a modern classic
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

For those who prefer a sectional Chesterfield corner sofa, the Hampton Corner Sofa might be just be the sofa for you. Featuring its classic scroll arms and deep buttoned backrest, this Chesterfield sofa comes in velvet for an elegant finish.

“Our customers really love how our Hampton range is classic in design but modern in terms of comfort and functionality,” Amthal says. “This corner sofa does just that by adding more seats without taking up extra space.”

12. Modern and spacious

Modern and spacious grey corner sofa
Harlow Corner Sofa
Best for Contemporary and spacious style
Upholstery Plush fabric
Number of colour options 3
Features Contemporary retro style with oak legs to bring in a feeling of natural elements.
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

“The Scandi-inspired Harlow Corner Sofa is stylish and timeless,” says Amthal. “It’s comfortable and spacious with foam and fibre back cushions.”

Our customers love the smart yet casual shape of this Harlow sofa and how soft the plush fabric feels. This corner sofa in a light grey colour adds a laid back, lived-in vibe to your home. It’s also available in dark grey as well as a velvet finish for that subtle luxurious look.

13. Most ideal for home cinema

Black faux leather recliner corner sofa
Sorrento Recliner Corner Sofa
Best for Reclining
Upholstery Faux leather
Number of colour options 11
Features Modern black, firm sit which gives support and reclines on both sides allowing for ample viewing space ina home cinema
Configuration C-shape corner sofa

Ever wanted to turn your living room or spare room into a home cinema? Our Sorrento Recliner Corner Sofa will make it a lot easier to transform your space into a luxurious cinema of your dreams in the comfort of your own home.

“Our Sorrento Recliner Corner Sofa in the black faux leather option is the best pick for a home cinema,” Amthal says. “Choosing a recliner in a dark colour palette is the best way to go as it blends in with the rest of the room when you turn off or dim the lights. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your movie.”

14. Glamorous with an art deco feel

Contemporary grey velvet corner sofa in the living room
Harlow Corner Sofa
Best for Modern Art Deco style and contemporary luxe
Upholstery Velvet
Number of colour options 3
Features Adds a feeling of glitz and glamour to your home interior with the subtle shine - a contemporary style re-imagined in a modern fabric.
Configuration Sectional corner sofa

Besides Scandi style, our Harlow Corner Sofa can also give your living room a modern Art Deco feel. Since modern Art Deco style is all about giving the original style a contemporary touch, this Harlow option ticks all the boxes with its soft elegant velvet upholstery.

“This Harlow velvet option has a shimmery quality to it which is perfect for Modern Art Deco style,” Amthal says. “With its corner sofa design it’s not just glamorous, it’s functional too.” The tapered legs of the sofa also give it a modern and sophisticated feel.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best corner sofas of 2024. For more sofa ideas and styling tips check out our guide on what colours go with a brown leather sofa and our modern living room ideas guide.

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