12 interior design trends for 2024

From colour palettes, textures to lifestyle influences, discover the latest interior trends that are set to make an impact this year.

A new year often signals a fresh start and there’s no better way than to do so at home. With more people gravitating towards comfort and relaxation as an escape from the outside world, it’s only natural that the latest interior trends prioritise wellbeing and connection.

Discover how the latest interior trends interpret comfort and sophistication through relaxing colour palettes, textures, natural materials and lifestyle influences. With the help of Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, find out what’s big in 2024.

1. Find comfort in curved furniture

Armchair with curved lines in a neutral living room
Loren Armchair

Curved shapes and curved furniture are expected to continue trending in 2024 as their rounded silhouettes bring natural flow and highlight the architectural aesthetic of the home. “Sculptural yet graceful, a curved sofa softens the space and creates a more soothing, relaxed atmosphere compared to a straight-backed sofa,” Rebecca says.

This has also led to the rise of convivial seating which is all about creating inclusive spaces and a warm atmosphere. Curved sofas and armchairs are key to convivial seating as they encourage a cosy atmosphere and face-to-face interaction. “Style a relaxation corner with a curved armchair,” Rebecca says. “Go for a light neutral hue with velvet upholstery for a designer look. Complement this with other curved accents such as a round coffee table and a chic lamp.”

2. Explore soft minimalism

Comfy bed in a monochrome bedroom
Astor Bed

“With more people influenced by wellbeing-led design, soft minimalism and a warm monochrome palette has risen in popularity thanks to social media,” Rebecca says. Defined by calming neutral hues, curved lines and natural materials, this new take on minimalism is a far cry from the stark and sterile look from a few years ago.

“Incorporate this aesthetic into areas that are associated with comfort in the home such as the bedroom,” Rebecca says. “Instead of the usual white palette, choose cream or off-white and layer with relaxing textures such as velvet, cotton, boucle for a contemporary look.” Set the mood with soft lighting which is essential in giving the room a warm and sophisticated ambience. Decorate with intention by choosing light abstract art that matches the vibe of the room.

3. Stand out with black accents

Dining set with black accents in a modern kitchen
Madison and Ricco Dining Set

Thanks to the popularity of modern industrial interiors, decorating with black accents just got even cooler. “The key to decorating with black accents is to do so with intention,” Rebecca explains. “Use black to highlight the architectural features of the home such as with Crittall doors or black windows.”

Include lighter touches throughout your space such as with white walls and wooden flooring. For a bigger impact, go all out with a matt black kitchen and decorate around it with wooden accents. Match the black cabinets with an industrial dining set with black legs. To avoid the look from appearing too dark, mix it up with different textures. Contrast with leather to soften the look or marble to lighten up the room.

4. Use green as a neutral

Modern bedroom with a soothing green wall
Caro Bed

As more people let nature into their homes through indoor greenery, it’s no surprise that green is now seen as a calming neutral. As the primary colour, green not only gives the home a fresh and uplifting touch, it also brings balance and tranquillity.

Choose a specific shade of green depending on the vibe you’re going for. “Pick sage green if you want to add a soothing touch,” Rebecca says. “For social areas like the kitchen, brighten up with a vibrant green and contrast it with a light colour such as peach. Green and blue combination shades like teal give you the chance to experiment with natural light while darker shades of green go with tropical, Scandi and minimalist decor.” If you prefer classic interiors, choose a green hue with a grey undertone which pairs beautifully with brown leather or velvet textures. Aside from wall colours, introduce green through furniture like a sideboard table or study table or as part of upholstery through fabrics or bed linen.

5. Discover the joys of slow living

Plush armchair with chrome legs in a reading nook
Baltimore Armchair

A lifestyle trend that’s all about appreciating the little things in life, slow living encourages us to be more mindful and enjoy our surroundings. “To create a home dedicated to slow living, relaxation must be the top priority,” Rebecca says. “Decluttering is essential in making your space feel more relaxing and your home feel purposeful.” Take inspiration from Hygge with an earthy palette, warm lighting, cosy textures and lots of candles.

“Decorate with intention by choosing furniture or accessories that are meaningful to you such as a piece in your favourite colour or something memorable from your travels,” Rebecca suggests. Purify the air with a humidifier or introduce indoor greenery. Prioritise natural lighting by keeping the curtains drawn during the day or placing mirrors directly opposite the windows to reflect the light. Another key part of slow living is to limit the use of technology. Create technology-free zones in your home such as a reading nook in your study or a musical corner where you can play an instrument of your choice.

6. Pantone colour of the year

Bedroom wall painted in pantone colour of the year, peach fuzz
Caro Bed

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz - a velvety gentle peach tone that’s the perfect balance between pink and orange. “This peach hue calls for connection and compassion as we look to the year ahead,” Rebecca says. “It’s a peach tone that you want to touch because of its soothing and tactile nature. Thanks to this, we use peach to bring warmth and create a welcoming ambience at home.”

Choose peach as the primary colour in the bedroom. Pick a lighter peach tone alongside Peach Fuzz for two-tone walls. Ground the room with a comfy grey fabric bed and white linen as well as wooden textures like a rattan bedside table. Layer with pops of sky blue and peach accessories for a soft, feminine look.

7. The rise of neutral pinks, reds, and earthy tones

Stylish bedroom with a soft pink wall and cosy bed
Astor Bed

The colour palette of 2024 is going to be led by pinks and reds, together with natural earthy tones. “Ignited by the Barbiecore trend where all things pink and girly took centre stage, pinks and reds will continue to go strong in 2024 but in a more toned-down way,” says Rebecca. “Earthy colours like ivory, terracotta, and olive are also in the running as we spot them being used quite a lot in furniture as well as home accessories.”

Dulux’s Colour of the Year ‘Sweet Embrace’, a soft blossom pink, reinforces that neutral pinks will be big in 2024. “Soothing hues like ‘Sweet Embrace’ are so versatile because they work well anywhere in the home,” says Rebecca. “Whether it’s for the living room or bedroom, they add a calming vibe that makes your space feel cosy and welcoming.”

8. Make a statement with marble

Luxurious marble dining table in a stylish kitchen
Furniture And Choice marble dining tables

Renowned for their luxurious appeal and natural beauty, marble is set to redefine interior spaces in 2024. No longer confined to just classic colours, this timeless material is injecting new energy with vibrant hues and bold patterns. “Marble is finding its way into various elements of interior design beyond traditional flooring and countertops,” says Rebecca. “We see it now in a variety of colours being used in accent walls, statement furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, and even home accessories.”

Marble is also being mixed with other materials to produce beautiful designs and the combinations showcase how versatile marble can be. “Pairing marble with metals, glass, or even unconventional materials like concrete or terrazzo can create a luxurious and innovative look in your home,” says Rebecca.

9. Embrace the elegance of quiet luxury

Quiet luxury bedroom with understated interior
Caro Bed

‘Quiet luxury’ or ‘old money aesthetic’ is a popular trend that started in the fashion world but has quickly gained a big following in the home space as well. Quiet luxury interiors are minimalistic, well-crafted, and designed to stand the test of time. It’s no wonder this sophisticated style has become one of the top interior trends of 2024.

To achieve that discreet yet luxurious vibe in your home, muted colours, bespoke furniture, and timeless décor are key features to have. “Instead of projecting luxury in a loud or bold way, focus on subtle, refined details,” says Rebecca. “It’s about investing in good craftsmanship and high quality pieces that appear understated.”

10. Set the mood with dark wood furniture

Dark wood coffee table in a cosy living room
Valencia L-Shape Sofa

Dark wood furniture is making a comeback in 2024 and here’s why. They are incredibly versatile, and fit easily into any interior style. “Whether it's classic, traditional, contemporary, or minimalist, dark wood furniture seamlessly integrates into these interiors,” says Rebecca. “Their dark shades also bring warmth and richness, which will make your home feel extra cosy.”

With many different colours like mahogany and walnut, dark wood furniture can be paired with lighter elements to create a nice contrast. “If you have neutral walls, light upholstery, or metallic accents in your room, having just one piece of dark wood furniture will instantly elevate the entire look of your space,” says Rebecca.

11. A classic twist: the hellenistic revival

Classic living room with dark green walls and luxe decor
Hampton 2 Seater Sofa (credit: @ourhouse_on_the_hill)

Classic design is back in trend for 2024 but with a twist. Say hello to the Hellenistic Revival aesthetic. Paying homage to the classical elegance of Ancient Greece, this interior design style conveys luxury through art and sculptural elements. This style also favours the use of neoclassical-inspired patterns and iconic motifs like the Greek Key pattern and palmette.

“The Hellenistic Revival trend is heavily inspired by the décor of Ancient Greece, which is opulent and extravagant,” says Rebecca. “Think of décor like classical busts, statues, oversized vases, Corinthian columns, all the fancy things you would see in an art museum.”

12. Enjoy the cosiness of natural fabrics

Comfy L-shape sofa in a Scandi style living room
Bailey L-Shape Sofa

Cosy textiles have always played an important role in shaping the aesthetics of our homes. As we usher in the new year, natural fabrics will be the go-to option when it comes to choosing tactile materials. This is greatly influenced by the continued desire for sustainable living. “Natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool are very popular now,” says Rebecca. “Not only for their ability to promote feelings of relaxation but also for their eco-friendly credentials.”

There are many ways to include these cosy, comforting textures into your home. “Start with smaller items like pillows and throws, then move on to bigger pieces like rugs and furniture,” says Rebecca. “Look for sofas and chairs upholstered in organic fabrics or recycled materials to combine comfort and sustainability.”

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