How to style timeless furniture

Discover 5 timeless furniture pieces and decorating tips that won’t go out of style from Furniture And Choice.

1. Give a Chesterfield sofa a contemporary update

Timeless Chesterfield sofa in oatmeal shade in light breezy living room
Hampton Sofa

Known for its classic design, the Chesterfield sofa fits right into both traditional and contemporary homes. Choose a light colour like beige or light grey to highlight the sofa’s timeless features such as its elegant scroll arms and chic button-back details.

A Chesterfield velvet sofa in a luxe contemporary living room
Hampton Sofa

You can also give the Chesterfield sofa a contemporary update by choosing a material such as velvet or leather. Contrast the sofa with accessories such as stylish cushions, a textured rug or a sleek metallic coffee or side table.

2. Ground the room in a neutral palette

Understated and timeless bedroom with stylish grey fabric bed
Caro Bed

It’s best to pair your timeless furniture with neutral colours to keep the look understated and elegant. For example, introduce a stylish grey fabric bed with cream walls as the backdrop in the bedroom. Accessorise with black accents and abstract artwork as a contrast to create a chic, layered look.

Timeless wooden dining table with white wall panelling backdrop
Cavendish Dining Table (credit: @welcometothewoodsx)

Meanwhile in the dining room, opt for a timeless wooden dining table. Choose grey or dark wood to bring out any classic details such as an ornate pedestal or a country-style table top. Keep it classic with a white wall panelling backdrop for a sophisticated feel.

3. Create an inviting space with a round wooden dining table

Charming country style dining table with leather chairs in a timeless dining room
Hudson and Bewley dining set (credit: @welcometothewoodsx)

The classic design of a round dining table goes hand in hand with the timeless qualities of wood. With its inviting shape and natural grain, a round wood table has a warm and cosy vibe that’s easy to gather around. For a charming country statement, choose a table with a pedestal design and leather chairs with matching wooden legs.

Glass and oak dining table with chic velvet chairs in a timeless dining room
Hatton and Salisbury dining set

If your style is more contemporary, choose a round glass and oak dining table to maintain that timeless feel. Look for a unique pedestal to make a stylish statement. A perfect fit for smaller homes, pair your round dining table with chic velvet chairs.

4. Mix vintage accessories with modern interiors

Modern leather sofa with bohemian accessories in a timeless living room
Kansas 2 Seater Sofa

Combining vintage and contemporary interiors allow you to create your own unique style. This prevents your home from being tied to a specific look and adds to the timeless feel.

For example, pair a modern leather sofa with bohemian accessories like a rattan coffee table and a vintage rug. The key here is to focus on a few main pieces to prevent the room from looking cluttered.

5. Bring timeless style with a trestle dining set

Timeless wooden trestle dining set with chairs and bench in a kitchen-diner
Grange and Oxford dining set

A mainstay of farmhouse style, trestle dining tables ground the room with their communal and spacious design. Choose a type of wood that complements your space – for instance, if you have light wood flooring, pick an oak dining set.

For a casual look, match wooden dining chairs or a bench for more seats. Let the natural wood grain details stand out by keeping the table bare. Accessorise with simple crockery or fresh flowers for a light and airy feel.

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