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We offer a wide range of dining sets for a variety of styles. Available with rectangular, round or oval table tops, our white dining sets come with a variety of leg options.

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About White Dining Sets

Airy, bright and sophisticated, a set of white dining table and chairs is an instant style boost in the dining room.

White is an easy colour to match, and looks especially good with modern, glossy dining sets, as well as more classic, rustic looks such as a wooden farmhouse table. It's also a smart option for smaller homes, as it can create a sense of space.

As for chairs that would work in a white dining set, neutral-toned fabric chairs pair beautifully, as would clean wooden chairs for a striking monochrome dining room. If your table has a high-gloss finish, a set of chrome chairs would complement it well, for a contemporary, sophisticated feel.

Of course, the usual worry with white tables and chairs are spills and stains - however, many of our tables are coated with a protective lacquer or gloss that makes it easy to clean and maintain a pristine dining space.

If you're new to buying furniture online, we're happy to answer any questions you might have - and for more styling tips and inspiration, check out our guide to white dining sets.

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