How to measure a sofa

Are you unsure whether your ideal settee will fit in your living room? To help you find out, read our expert’s guide on how to measure a sofa.

When choosing the right sofa for your home, take the saying ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ to heart. Measuring your sofa size, how it fits in proportion to your other furniture and considering your living room layout will save you a lot of stress and disappointment when your sofa arrives. With the help of Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, read on for our guide on how to measure your sofa.

Things you will need

  • Measuring tape

How to measure a sofa

Sofa graphic of width, height, depth and diagonal measurements
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Just imagine - you’ve found the perfect sofa for your living room. It’s exactly the look that you’re going for and the colour you want. Then the dream turns into a nightmare when the sofa you bought is the wrong size for your living room. To prevent this from happening, here are the key sofa measurements you should be aware of when you’re buying a sofa.


Start by measuring the sofa from arm to arm and take note of the widest point.

Graphic of sofa width measurements
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“If your sofa has rolled arms, measure from the widest point of one arm to the other,” Rebecca explains. “For corner sofa measurements, measure its two widths from one corner to the other where they meet in the middle.”


Graphic of sofa depth measurements
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Take note of the overall sofa depth and seat depth:

  • The overall sofa depth refers to the measurement of the outside edge of the back seat to the front of the sofa
  • Seat depth is the measurement of the sitting space

“When measuring the seat depth you should also take note of the back cushions as this will affect your seating,” Rebecca advises.

Diagonal depth

Graphic of sofa diagonal depth measurements
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Next, measure the diagonal depth. Place your tape measure at the top corner of the sofa frame to the bottom front of the sofa arm.


Graphic of sofa height measurements
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Graphic of sofa height without legs measurements
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Measure from the highest point of the sofa (the back) to the floor. “The highest point of the sofa may vary depending on the sofa type, so you should also take note of the seat cushion and arm height,” Rebecca advises. “Sofa legs are sometimes attached to the sofa, that’s why it’s best to measure from the highest point to the floor.”

Measuring your sofa for delivery

Graphic of sofa in the living room measurements
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Aside from your sofa measurements, it’s also important to check your home measurements. Here are some common area measurements to take note of before it arrives:

Entranceway and doorways

Graphic of sofa box and stairway measurements
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Graphic of sofa box and doorway measurements
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Measure all doors and entranceways that your sofa will be carried through. Take into account the door length, width and diagonal size to make sure the sofa can fit. “If you live in an apartment, you should also note how big your lift is or the length and width of your staircase for your sofa to be transported safely,” Rebecca says.


Graphic of sofa box and hallway measurements
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Don’t forget to measure the ceiling of the hallway and be aware of any hazards such as sharp turns before your sofa reaches the living room.

Living room

Graphic of sofa measurements in the living room
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The depth and length of the sofa are the key points to consider if you’re buying your sofa online. A pro tip would be to aim for the sofa to be two-thirds of the wall length. Think about the layout of your living room and where you will be placing your sofa, such as up against a wall or letting it float in the middle of the room.

Choose a sofa with more depth if you’re tall as it will allow you to stretch out comfortably with your feet touching the floor. If you are small in size, a smaller sofa should suffice. Here are a few other things you should take into account before buying:

  • Will you be placing any furniture next to it? If so, will it fit?
  • Is the sofa the right size for you and the rest of your household members?
  • Does the style of the sofa suit your living room? Recliner and sectional sofas may often take up additional space depending on the style.

Besides the correct measurements, choosing the right sofa style is an important step towards creating your perfect living room. Discover the different sofa styles available to suit your home. For more sofa buying advice, browse our Sofa Guide for helpful tips.

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