How to style a painted arch

Discover how arch details can elevate your home with a few stylish tips.

1. Create a focal point with a painted arch

A dining room with a yellow arch and round glass wood dining set
Hatton and Bewley Dining Set

Introducing arch details adds an organic feel to your décor as it breaks up the straight architectural lines at home. Start by jazzing up a neutral space with a painted arch. This will create a focal point and make the room feel more spacious.

A good tip is to map out your design before you start painting, like where the semi-circle should be and the length of the arch. Choosing the right colour is also key to elevating the space. Opt for a bold contrast colour such as yellow to perk up the rest of the interior. Complement the painted arch with other curved details such as a round dining set and statement lighting.

2. Zone a WFH space with an arch

Navy blue arch work from home zone
Furniture And Choice

Aside from creating focal points, arches can help zone an open plan space. For example, create a work-from-home area with a painted arch in your living room or bedroom to help separate work and relaxation. Choose a spot away from your bed or sofa to prevent distractions and help you get in the headspace to focus. For your painted arch, use a colour like navy blue as it isn’t too overpowering and adds a calming touch.

3. Colour block an arch with pastel walls

Bedroom with yellow arch and pastel pink walls
Furniture And Choice beds

Add a vibrant touch by colour blocking a painted yellow arch with pastel walls in the bedroom. Position your bed right under the arch to create a painted headboard effect. Layer the bed with pastel accessories for a light, playful look. Round off the look with colourful flowers and greenery for a refreshing feel.

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