How to clean your glass dining table

A quick guide to cleaning your glass dining table to make sure that your table looks pristine.

Stylish and sleek, glass tables are a beautiful addition to any dining room. But a lot of their charm and appeal rests in looking pristine - and free of smudgy fingerprints - which can seem hard to maintain.

Thankfully, they’re actually incredibly simple to clean, with items that you may already have in your home and pantry.

Equipment you will need

  1. Soft, lint-free cloths (preferably microfibre!)
  2. A cleaning liquid of your choice. We recommend:
    • A window or glass cleaner
    • Non-alkaline soap
  3. Water

It’s also a good idea to check your manufacturer or label and follow their advice.

Once you’ve gotten everything ready, remove any objects you might have on the table so you can get a thorough clean. Then wipe the table with a dry, lint-free cloth to get rid of any dust, not forgetting to clean under your glass table top to really get a crystal clear look.

1. Clean your glass table top without leaving any streaks

The process of cleaning a glass table with a cloth and cleaning spray

Give your glass table a weekly clean to prevent dust build up. Use a soft, damp cloth and dry with a soft duster making sure no surfaces are left wet.

If your glass table has acquired a cloudy or filmy look over time, it may need a deeper clean. You can add water into a spray bottle and clean your table by wiping it down thoroughly

And importantly, if the table top includes wood or metal features, pay special attention to drying those areas to avoid any rust or rot.

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