The ultimate guide to pink living rooms

Come with us on a rosy adventure to unleash the power of pink. Read our guide for ideas on how to create a gorgeous pink living room.

Welcome to the world of pink! Fun, fabulous, and chic, pink is a sweet colour that can turn any space into a hub of happiness. If you want to create the ultimate gathering spot of laughter and love in your home, a pink living room is the way to go.

Pink isn't just a feast for the eyes, it's a mood-booster and a stress-buster. Pink is a good colour for living rooms because of its vibrant energy and playful charm. Whether you like delicate pastels or daring bold shades, you’ll find a pink that suits your taste.

So, grab your paint brushes, fluff up those throw cushions, and get ready to fill your home with the joyous spirit of pink with our pink living room ideas. After you’re done reading, browse our range of sofas to find the perfect one for your pink living room.

1. Go all out with full pink walls

Chic pink living room with mauve pink walls
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa

If you’ve always been a fan of pink and wondered if you can paint a living room pink, we’re here to tell you yes, absolutely! You can paint a living room pink and turn your space into a pink-tastic spectacle with full pink walls. While the options for pink are endless, from Barbie pink to hot pink to baby pink, there’s one particular pink that we’d like to highlight — mauve pink.

This romantic and elegant colour is trending everywhere and we can’t get enough of it. Mauve pink is vibrant yet subdued at the same time and has all the fun of pink in it. It’s great for those who want something in between soft pinks like blush pink and bolder pinks like fuchsia. For a pink living room that’s sophisticated and classy, pair mauve pink with neutral colours and gold accents.

2. Try two-toned walls for a pink and grey living room

Two-toned walls in a pink and grey living room
Manhattan 3 Seater Sofa

Not keen on full pink walls? Try two-toned walls instead to create a stylish pink and grey living room. This colour combination is a crowd favourite as the neutrality of grey complements the playfulness of pink. Use a darker shade of grey like charcoal grey and match it with a lighter pink such as blush pink for a nice contrasting look. For larger furniture pieces like your sofa, choose grey as the base colour and add pops of pink with cushions. Complete the look with pink and grey decorative items like vases, candles, and framed wall art.

3. Enjoy spring vibes with a pink and green living room

Green sofa in a pink and green living room
Baltimore 3 Seater Sofa

Bring fun and fresh spring vibes to your home with a pink and green living room. Pink and green are complementary colours as they’re opposites on the colour wheel. To pull off this look, start by painting your walls a light pastel pink. For a unique twist, introduce a feature wall with curved ribbed panels. Curves are trending this year and they create a playful vibe when paired with pink.

Next up is to add the colour that connects you with nature — green. A velvet green sofa in a deep forest or moss green shade will work perfectly to contrast the light pink. Add finishing touches to your pink and green living room with botanical elements like potted plants and floral-themed artwork.

4. Colour block a pink and blue living room

Living room with a blue corner sofa and pink armchairs
Furniture And Choice chesterfield sofas (credit: @inside_numberthirtyeight)

Match a rose pink or dusty pink with navy blue to get a colour combo that combines the best of both worlds. While pink is cheery and playful, blue balances it with a calming energy. If you want to create a pink and blue living room without painting your walls, you can do so by incorporating the colours through your furniture. Begin by anchoring your space with a blue corner sofa, then add in pink armchairs and place them across the sofa to create a nice conversation circle. Tie the room together with a statement rug in the middle that has hints of both pink and blue.

5. Choose pastels for a dreamy pink living room

Pink living room with pastel colours
Baltimore L-Shape Sofa

Want a pink living room that feels airy and dreamy? Pastels are your go-to colours. They freshen up your home with the lively energy of spring. Start with a soft pink on your walls or if you have an open plan living room, paint the pink on your kitchen island and cabinets instead. For furniture, choose them in neutral colours like white or grey to serve as a base for those delicate pastels.

Here comes the fun part — inject pops of pastel magic into your room through cushions, candles, and flowers. Apart from pink, you can also use pastels like mint green, baby blue, lemon, and lavender. For the final touch, let plenty of natural light into your pink living room as that will add to the dreamy feel too!

6. Embrace pink as an accent colour

Stylish living room with pink accessories
Harlow 2 Seater Sofa

Some shades of pink can feel a bit strong and overwhelming so if you prefer a more understated palette, consider using pink as an accent colour instead. Choose a neutral colour scheme like white or grey for the majority of your room then decorate with pops of pink. Introduce a variety of pink shades through cushions, accessories, and artwork. Remember to use pinks with the same undertones for a coordinated look. This approach of utilising pink in small doses allows you to experiment with the level of pink in your space and you can easily add or remove those items whenever you want.

7. Create a luxe and modern pink living room with rouge pink

Modern pink living room with rouge pink walls
Loren 2 Seater Sofa

For a glamorous and modern pink living room, use a sophisticated and grown up pink colour like rouge pink. This muted, dusky pink gives off a modern and luxurious feel when paired with metallic finishes and black accents. Metallic finishes like gold or rose gold adds to the luxurious look while black accents give off an edgy, contemporary feel. You can introduce these elements to your modern living room through furniture, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Continue to build on the luxe look by getting your sofa in a posh material like velvet or plush fabric. Be sure to choose it in a classy neutral colour like champagne or ivory as these colours match well with rouge pink too.

8. Use pink as a neutral

Elegant living room with plaster pink walls
Baltimore Corner Sofa

Out of all the pink living room ideas we’ve covered so far, this one here might be the ‘least’ pink. When we think of pink, a cotton candy colour or hot pink comes to mind, but pink in fact can be used as a neutral too. Plaster pink is the perfect example. This subtle shade of pink is great for those who want to add a hint of colour to their space without being too loud. It’s also great for adding some warmth to a beige or grey monochrome interior as this neutral rendition of pink comes with warm undertones.

9. Sit back and relax with cool pinks

Grey armchair in a pink living room
Furniture And Choice fabric armchairs

Picture this: you walk into your pink living room and you’re greeted by a soft, soothing shade that calms your senses and relaxes your mind. That’s what cool pinks can do! Cool pinks have blue-purple undertones and their intensity ranges from bright pinks like magenta to softer colours like lavender pink.

Pair your cool pinks with neutrals like white or grey to create a fresh and airy feel for your living room. Green matches well with cool pinks too so if you’re wondering how to decorate a pink lounge, use potted plants to add pops of green. It’s always nice to have some greenery at home plus nature enhances those relaxing vibes too.

10. Liven up your living room with peachy pinks

Bright living room with peachy pink walls
Kansas 3 Seater Sofa

Cosy and comforting, a peachy pink colour can instantly liven and brighten up a living room that feels dull or lacks sunshine. Coral, salmon pink, or Peach Fuzz, which is Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2024, are all considered peachy pink colours. As these pinks have warm undertones, they pair well with other warm elements such as wood. Light wood colours like oak goes with pink so be sure to include wooden furniture in your interior. If you’re going for a vibrant yet grounded look, add earthy tones and neutrals like sandy beige and dove grey.

What colours go with pink living rooms?

  • White, black, and grey
  • Ivory, beige, and taupe
  • Gold and rose gold
  • Navy blue and baby blue
  • Deep forest green and mint green
  • Violet, lavender, and lilac
  • Yellow

By following these pink living room ideas in our guide, you now have the tools to create your very own pink paradise at home. For more pink inspirations, read our pink colour guide or discover how our customer styles her home with pink in this ‘Homes We Love’ article.

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