Tropicandi décor: Get the look

Give your home a chic update by combining contemporary Scandi style with bold tropical décor.

What is Tropicandi?

Scandi grey sofa in tropical dining room
Hayward L-Shape Sofa

Tropicandi is a hybrid trend that combines a warm, tropical colour palette with calming Scandinavian style. If you’ve always wanted to add a colourful (and tropical) twist to Scandi décor, this is the trend for you!

Read on for more ideas on how to decorate with this style.

1. Combine Scandi style with bold tropical colours

Scandi corner sofa in tropical blue dining room with gallery wall
Harlow Corner Sofa

Start with a contemporary grey sofa as the anchor for a clean Nordic feel in the living room. Next, bring tropical elements into the mix. Introduce a gallery wall with colourful prints or artwork and layer the sofa with colourful cushions.

Living room with tropical pops of colour and slate grey sofa
Furniture And Choice fabric sofas

If you feel a bold backdrop is too overpowering for your living room, brighten up the space with pops of colour instead. Colour block the room with a turquoise door, chic ceramics and soft furnishings.

2. Incorporate natural textures and materials

Sky blue living room with oak dining set and relaxing natural textures
Hatton and Chester dining set

Another way to play up the Tropicandi vibe is to highlight tropical and Scandi décor’s shared love of natural materials. Choose textures such as wood, rattan or jute for a soothing ambience. Incorporate this in the dining room with a clean glass and oak dining set and tropical accessories such as a rattan lamp and jute rug.

Bedroom with two-tone peach walls, wooden bed and bedside table
Dorset Bed

You can also do the same thing in the bedroom. Complement two-tone peach walls with a wooden bed and rattan bedside table. Soften the bed with crisp white linen and pops of peach and blue pillows.

3. Accessorise with indoor plants and tropical patterns

Bedroom with bold tropical wallpaper and fabric bed
Astor Bed

In spite of what many people think, hygge isn’t just for winter - that cosy feeling is perfect for summer too! Bring summertime hygge to the home with indoor plants and bold tropical motifs. Pick plants such as monstera, palms or ferns for a tropical touch. Combine these two elements together in the bedroom with a chic velvet bed and tropical wallpaper for a stylish contrast.

Relaxing Scandi style home office with indoor plants and tropical prints
Milton Dining Table

Bring this vibe to the home office too for a refreshing working environment. Add tropical artwork and indoor plants to a clean white space which breaks it up visually and encourages self-care when working.

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