How to style your home with rich jewel tones

Let alluring jewel tones transform the home into a sophisticated and stylish space this autumn.

Black leather sofa topped with pink and emerald pillows in a jewel toned living room
Baltimore 2 Seater Sofa

As the mood shifts with the season, it’s time to update the home with a twist - by embracing lush colours on a darker spectrum. This autumn, we take a look at how to introduce bold jewel tones into the home for character and cosiness. But first,...

What are jewel tones?

Colourful jewels including sapphire, white diamond, ruby, amethyst, amber, citrine
Cornell’s Jewelers

Quite literally, they are the colours of jewels. The forest green of emeralds, ocean blue of sapphires and wine red of rubies are all jewel tones. We spoke to London-based designer duo Amy and Athina of Topology about how jewel tones add depth and flair to the home.

London-based interior designers Amy and Athina of Topology
Amy and Athina

London based interior designers

Our designers at Topology are all huge fans of decorating with jewel tones, especially as we begin to enter autumn. These sort of warming hues are great for creating a space that’s atmospheric and cosy - exactly what you want as you gear up for colder months.

Additionally, jewel tones are the perfect way to add a hint of luxury into any space as when mixed with metallics (think brass, copper and chrome) as they emulate a real sense of richness.

Introducing jewel tones is the perfect way to update the home for autumn. Keep reading to see how you can test the style in your own home (experiment in a small space first), and get inspired by our round up of gorgeous jewel toned interiors.

Test with jewel toned accessories

Sapphire blue and emerald green pops of colour in a neutral living room

Bold and dramatic, decorating with jewel tones can seem a little intimidating. The trick is to start small, with accessories that can easily be replaced. Try out your chosen jewel colours via little touches like pillows, artwork and lampshades. The scattered sapphire and emerald tones in this otherwise neutral living room complement each other while providing a striking burst of colour.

Next, deck out a small space

Mustard armchair and gold framed mirror in a deep sapphire blue room
Trende Decor

Take your jewel tone decor experiment to the next level by decking out a small part of the home - the entrance perhaps, or a cosy nook - in your chosen colour scheme. When building a palette, look to generators like this one from Canva to create your ideal tone palette. Be thorough with this small space, you want to be sure you love it before totally transforming a larger area in the home. Paint the walls in the exact colour you’re thinking of and decorate with the armchair, rug and plants you’ve been eyeing.

Think you’re ready to deck your home in jewel tones? Keep reading for some stylish ideas!

Decorate with dusky, glamorous tones in the bedroom

Graphic depicting elements like lighting and colours in a jewel toned bedroom
Furniture And Choice beds

Relaxing and welcoming, a deep mauve bedroom is a respite for screen-tired eyes. Layer elegant jewel tones like sapphire blue, amethyst purple and morganite pink to evoke a deeply soothing atmosphere that still shines with major style points.

Use sensuous textures to create cosiness; velvet in particular gives off a luxurious look and feel, and is a dreamy material that fits the season. A black velvet bed, for instance, acts as a sophisticated neutral that anchors the room while making those jewel tones stand out. To balance this blend of strong colours, add softness with delicate floral artwork, a plush rug or fresh flowers. Little glimmers from metallic accents also help lighten things up while upping the elegance factor.

Get a bold, modern look with contrasting jewel tones

Black leather sofa in a grey and yellow living room
Furniture And Choice black leather sofas

Introduce modern vibes into a living room via a vivid combination of a citrine yellow feature wall and a black leather sofa. With colours as striking as these, it’s best to keep to a fairly limited colour palette. Dark mossy green is used to soften the look and complement leafy plants that bring warmth to the room.

Keep the rest of the furniture simple with clean lines to balance the dynamic ambience. Adding small bursts of the same yellow tone around the room similarly helps with symmetry and coherence. For more ideas, check out these 8 chic ways to decorate with yellow.

Energise the kitchen with a striking ruby red

Clean and modern ruby red kitchen with glossy finish cabinets
Choose Outdoor Kitchens

This ruby red masterpiece of a kitchen is a sight to behold, isn’t it? Maintain the same daring red tone throughout the space for a clean and modern look. The glossy finish of the red cabinets also helps bounce light around for a brighter feel, subsequently making the room seem larger.

Because ruby red is an intense and passionate colour, refrain from adding any other bold hues to this space. Instead, match with white walls and silver or black accessories to preserve the elegant design flow.

Chill out with cool, calming tones

Living room with olive green walls and grey sofa
Harlow L-Shape Sofa

Of course, there’s also a softer side of jewel tones in the home - it’s not all about vivid, eye-catching colours. If you’re looking for an equally soothing effect, opt for cool blues and calming greens to counterbalance those cold, dark days.

An olive green wall is the perfect antidote to chilly weather, and blends right in with wooden tones and shiny accents. With a classic grey sofa in place to anchor the room, this look can easily be switched up with a new wash of paint when the seasons change.

Embrace softness with a pretty morganite pink

Grey velvet sofa in a dusty pink living room with metallic accessories
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa

Ever chic, pink is the colour of prettiness, romance and sweetness. As a seasonal take on the tender colour, paint the walls a darker shade of pink for a moody edge. Metallic elements keep things light and elegant while a grey sofa adds sophistication and a hint of masculinity. Introduce soft textures with faux fur pillows, a warm throw, or fresh flowers and light some candles for extra cosiness.

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