8 clever ideas for small bedrooms

Discover how to make the most of a small bedroom with these stylish design and storage tips.

1. Use a simple layout in a small bedroom

Small bedroom with a simple layout and neutral palette
Furniture And Choice fabric beds

Flow is an essential part of making small bedrooms feel bigger. To start, arrange your layout by placing essential pieces like a bed and bedside tables in the centre of the main wall. This will free up floor space and make sure you have a clear pathway to move about uninterrupted for an easy flow.

2. Maximise storage in a small bedroom

Ottoman bed with storage in a small bedroom 1
Ottoman bed with storage in a small bedroom 2
Buckingham Ottoman Bed

Maximise storage in your compact bedroom with a chic ottoman bed. Combining style and function, choose a bed with an elegant design and a spacious compartment underneath which will free up floor space and allow you to store your items neatly.

Bedside table with mini compartments in a small bedroom
Furniture And Choice bedside tables

You can also add more storage inside your bedside tables or wardrobes. Take a leaf from Marie Kondo’s Konmari method and use small boxes to create mini compartments for items like makeup, brushes or jewellery for a functional touch.

3. Choose double-duty items for a small bedroom

TV bed in a small bedroom
Langham Bed

If you have limited bedroom space, choose items that are double duty. For example, opting for a TV bed means you can store it easily when you’re not watching. Or if you live in a small studio, choose a sofa bed so you can turn your space into a living room by day and a bedroom at night.

4. Use a mirror to make a small bedroom feel bigger

Small neutral bedroom with a full-length mirror
Lexington bed (credit: @therosewoodhome)

Create an illusion of space with a large mirror in the bedroom. Place the mirror preferably near a window so that it will reflect any natural light streaming in to make the room brighter throughout the day. Aside from full-length mirrors, pick furniture with mirrored or reflective surfaces, such as a bedside table or wardrobe, to further emphasise the natural light.

5. Create an illusion of height in a small bedroom

Half-painted wall effect to create an illusion of height in a small bedroom
Bergamo Double Bed

To make your small bedroom feel less enclosed, try a half-painted wall. Paint a horizontal line with a darker colour at the bottom and a light colour on top to make the ceiling look higher. The lighter colour should take up more space than the darker colour for an airy feel.

6. Opt for a dark palette in a small bedroom

Small bedroom with a dark palette
Comet Midsleeper with Desk

When done right, opting for a dark palette will not make your bedroom feel smaller. Use the half-painted wall trend here with grey and white walls to make the space feel larger instead. Choose light decor like a white bed to balance the look and dark accessories to create a monochrome feel.

7. Transform a corner into a work-from-home space

Work from home corner in a small bedroom
Furniture And Choice

Turn an unused corner in your small bedroom into a work-from-home space. Make sure it has good natural lighting to boost productivity. You can also add potted plants to freshen up your desk. Keep the space organised by installing a built-in desk and shelves for extra storage.

8. Energise a small bedroom with colour

Small bedroom with a yellow feature wall and pink pastel walls
Furniture And Choice divan beds

Energise a small bedroom with a pop of colour like sunshine yellow. Introduce yellow as part of a painted arch feature wall to brighten up your space. You can also experiment with colour blocking - pair the accent wall with pastel pink for a bold style statement. Keep the rest of the room simple to let the palette stand out.

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