Styling Pantone 2023 fashion week colours at home

A palette that balances bold hues like bright pink and electric blue with quiet, calming tints. Learn how to style these fashionable colours in your home.

Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2023 palette for London Fashion Week takes a fearless approach to colours, mixing vibrant hues for a burst of style. With bright pink, sky blue and soothing green seen on the runways, these colours are making their way into our interiors. Read on for tips to style Pantone colour trends in your home.

1. Mix bright colours

A bright dining room styled with Pantone 2023 London Fashion Week colours and a wooden dining set
Hamilton and Bali Dining Set

Much like pops of bold accessories bring a simple outfit to life, the same is true for a room with a neutral base. In a white dining room, for instance, you can use vibrant accents to add personality. Take a cue from Pantone’s palette with pendant lamps in Pantone’s Iced Mango, a kitchen backsplash in Pantone’s Electric Blue Lemonade and accent pieces in Pantone’s Blazing Yellow. Choose a wooden dining set for warmth and cosiness.

2. Paint the walls in Oyster Mushroom

A contemporary dining room with a marble and chrome dining table, grey velvet chairs and light grey walls
Carrera and Kensington Dining Set

An elegant and calming grey, Pantone’s Oyster Mushroom is a sophisticated neutral for dining room walls. Create a modern, designer feel with a marble and chrome dining table paired with grey velvet chairs. Use your soft furnishings, like a rug and curtains, to bring texture and warmth - keep to a grey and white palette for an ultra chic style.

3. Refresh with Grayed Jade

A home office with a white desk, black accessories and two-tone white and light green walls
Aspen Table

Green continues to be a key trend in 2023, with softer tones doubling as a refreshing neutral. Use Pantone’s Grayed Jade in your home office, where it promotes focus, calm and productivity. Keep the overall look clean and airy by pairing a simple white desk with a black chair. Use black accents through minimalist shelves and wall frames for a smart, stylish feel.

4. Go tonal with Airy Blue

A living room with light blue walls, bright blue artwork and a light grey Scandi inspired sofa
Harlow L-Shape Sofa

Bright tonal looks are another key trend seen on runways. In the home, use a sky blue like Pantone’s Airy Blue on your walls then layer pops of Pantone’s Electric Blue Lemonade through your cushions and artwork. Punch up the contrast even more with vases and pottery in Pantone’s Iced Mango and Pantone’s Persimmon. Keep the look clean and contemporary with a light grey Scandi inspired sofa.

5. Add warmth with Mocha Mousse

A living room with milk chocolate brown walls, bright blue and orange cushions and a light grey sofa
Harlow 2 Seater Sofa

Whether it’s fashion or interiors, neutrals remain timeless and sophisticated. Capture this feeling with walls in Pantone’s Mocha Mousse, a milk chocolate brown that doesn’t overwhelm the room. Balance the look with a contemporary light grey sofa and pops of bold accents, like throw cushions in burnt orange and Pantone’s Bluing. For more ideas, discover other colours that go with a grey sofa.

6. Play with Pink Cosmos

A bedroom with a bright pink feature wall, pastel cushions, grey fabric bed and white furnishing
Caversham Bed

Bright pinks are having a moment, as we’ve seen in fashion, beauty, movies and now, our homes. Using this bold hue with style comes down to contrast and accessories. Introduce a vibrant feature wall with Pantone’s Pink Cosmos then layer pops of pastels for a playful mix of colours. Add cushions and throws in Pantone’s Airy Blue and Pantone’s Iced Mango. Ground the room with a grey fabric bed, crisp white sheets and clean, minimal accessories.

7. Decorate with Tender Peach

A bedroom with a two-tone peach and white wall, jade green side table and stylish grey fabric bed
Astor Bed

For a chic and classic combination, try two-tone walls in white and Pantone’s Tender Peach. Delicate and feminine, peach has a comforting effect and creates a dreamy feel when paired with other soft colours. Bring in a soothing green tone like Pantone’s Grayed Jade and layer cream and white bedding on a soft grey fabric bed.

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