How to clean a velvet sofa

With our easy-to-follow guide, learn how to clean your velvet sofa to rid it of unsightly stains & keep the fabric looking fresh and new.

Brushing away dirt from the velvet sofa

A velvet sofa adds a sophisticated designer touch with its plush or crushed velvet upholstery. However, its soft and tactile fabric makes stains easily noticeable and hard to hide. To keep your velvet couch in top condition, it’s important to have a weekly cleaning routine in order to prevent lasting damage to the sofa. Read on to find out how to clean a velvet sofa and keep it in pristine condition.

Equipment you will need

  • vacuum
  • clothes steamer
  • absorbent cloth
  • soap and water or cleaning solution
  • soft brush

1. Brush away any dirt

Brushing away dirt from the velvet sofa
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If your velvet sofa is starting to lose its sheen, brush against the pile to restore its appearance.

To keep dirt at bay, choose a soft double-sided brush. Use the flat side of the brush to remove lint, dirt or pet hair.

2. Vacuum the velvet fabric

Vacuuming a velvet sofa in the living room

A velvet sofa’s soft sheen gives it a bold appearance but also makes it easy to spot dust particles. Vacuuming regularly (weekly should suffice) using an upholstery brush will help maintain its appearance.

Start vacuuming at the top of the sofa and slowly move in a grid to cover the whole area. It’s also important to vacuum in the direction of the fibres. Make sure to vacuum between the cushions and under the arms. If your velvet sofa or cushions have removable covers, use a clothes steamer to remove creases.

3. Prepare your cleaning solution

Removing stains from a velvet sofa can feel tricky at first but the important thing is to be prepared. If it’s a fresh spill, blot the moisture away with a paper towel or a dry, absorbent cloth.

For dry stains, test basic cleaning products such as mixing soap and water on a hidden spot first to ensure it doesn’t ruin the fabric. Or you could create a sudsy solution by mixing a few drops of dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water.

4. Apply your cleaning solution to the velvet sofa

Applying cleaning solution to the velvet sofa
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Rinse the cloth with water then wring it. Next, dip the cloth into the soap suds and start blotting around the stained area. Keep blotting until the stain is gone.

5. Let your velvet sofa dry

After cleaning the velvet sofa, let the damp area dry naturally. Once dry, brush any fibres that are matted.

6. Top tips for looking after your velvet sofa

A grey velvet sofa in the living room and how to care for it
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  • Keep your velvet sofa out of direct sunlight to avoid the fabric fading
  • Vacuum your sofa weekly to maintain its plush appearance
  • Use a steamer to prevent long-term creases
  • Tackle spills as soon as possible to remove stains
  • Test any cleaning solution on a hidden section of the sofa in case of any changes
  • Seek professional advice if your velvet sofa is in need of a deep clean

A velvet sofa’s bold elegance will continue to make a stylish statement with the right maintenance and care. For more sofa cleaning advice, discover our fabric sofa care guide and leather sofa cleaning tips.

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