Homes We Love: A lively Scandi-inspired apartment

Sally and Dale’s stylish home is full of plants and personality.

Sally And Dale

Kitchen Showroom Assistant Manager & Hotel General Manager from Lancaster City Centre

Creating a timeless and cosy living room

Hayward grey sofa by Furniture And Choice in a modern scandi home
Neutral living room with cosy accessories

Walking into Sally and Dale’s apartment, you instantly get a sense of cosiness through their timeless yet personalised interior style. Their home features a fresh neutral palette, with darker tones of grey and black for a modern touch. In the living room, our Hayward corner sofa in a stylish slate grey anchors the space.

“We love that the Hayward sofa is modern, but has a Scandi vibe to it. The dark grey fits in with our neutral home and adds depth to the living room... plus it’s super comfy!” explains Sally.

Living room corner with a full-length mirror and gallery wall
Living room corner with a full-length mirror and gallery wall

They use plenty of textured accessories like tasselled cushions and shaggy rugs to create a warm and inviting feel. The couple also skilfully mixes stylish floor lamps and modern sconces to create cosy layers of lighting that’s amplified by mirrors around the apartment.

Adding personal touches with plants and photos

Plants galore in a modern scandi boho home
A variety of houseplants in wicker baskets

As self-proclaimed ‘houseplant addicts’, there is no shortage of fresh greenery around the apartment. “It was hard at first to figure out how to add our stamp on the place but our plants definitely help with adding our personality,” says Dale.

The plants are housed in pretty woven planters and contemporary ceramic vases of all shapes and sizes. “We basically place our plants wherever we have a gap and find they instantly change up a room without having to spend a lot of money.”

Cosy corner with plants and wooden furniture in a modern scandi home
Walls decorated with black framed quotes and photos

Sally and Dale also fill their home with framed quotes and photos which show off their love for music and travel. “We especially love our Wigan Casino prints, as these have been passed down from my dad and Dale’s mum. These definitely mean the most to us,” Sally says.

Styling a bar cart

Drinks bar cart with plants in a modern scandi home
A fully equipped bar cart in a dedicated corner

As a couple who loves to entertain, their beautifully curated bar cart is a popular talking point among their guests. Besides a variety of spirits, the cart is equipped with essential bar accessories like glasses, spoons and cocktail shakers. “A must-have accessory is a decanter for whisky and brandy. Ours are vintage and they are beautiful!” exclaims Sally.

Bar cart with christmas decor in a modern scandi home
The bar cart decorated with Christmas lights

For the holiday season, Sally and Dale deck their apartment and the bar cart with Christmas decorations. They even arrange their own festive bouquets. “We love making our own wreaths and foliage displays using dried eucalyptus and pampas grass to keep it in touch with our interior style, with lots of pretty lights too.”

Getting creative with their DIYs

DIY scaffold shelf with herbs and pasta canisters
The bar cart decorated with Christmas lights

Sally and Dale love doing DIY projects together. One of their latest is a scaffold board shelf in the kitchen. “They weren’t the easiest to do, 10 splinters later! But I love the industrial vibe they bring to our home,” says Sally, who decorated the shelf with fresh plants and herbs.

DIY side table with travel books, a globe and plants
A DIY side table styled with books and plants

“We’ve also made side tables with our leftover scaffold boards and treated them with beeswax,” says Dale, who is not about wasting leftover materials. One of the side tables doubles as storage for their ever-growing collection of travel books, beautifully styled with a gold and green globe.

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