DIY: Hanging branch centrepiece

Learn how to transform your room with a simple hanging branch DIY.

Learn how to transform your room with a simple hanging branch DIY.

A Christmas tree may still be the go-to festive decoration, but there’s another creative way to elevate your interior for the holidays - and at almost no extra cost. Our latest DIY takes us back to basics, with a few simple materials and a generous dose of festive spirit.

What you’ll need:
  • A tree branch: We went for one that’s roughly the same length as our table, but feel free to pick a size that suits your space
  • Good quality fishing wire
  • Baubles and other Christmas ornaments of your choice
  • Battery-operated fairy lights: For that extra boost of Xmas cheer!
  • Fixings to secure your branch to the ceiling, i.e. hooks with screws
  • Scissors

Step 1

Hanging a bauble on a branch.

First, you’ll need to decide where your hanging branch will go. We suspended ours above the dining table to complement our dining arrangement, but feel free to position your branch around any room of your choice.

Once you’ve decided, start wrapping the fairy lights around your branch.

Step 2

Secure the branch with fishing wire, and carefully attach it to the ceiling via hooks or other suitable fixings. Make sure the fishing wire is firmly attached to the ceiling for it to support the weight of the branch and decorations.

Tip: Before tying everything in place, ensure that your branch is hanging a good distance above your table or other furniture. This creates ample space for your baubles to be displayed.

Step 3

Decorating with Christmas baubles.

It’s time to decorate! Start adorning your branch with your favourite Christmas accessories. We recommend hanging them at different heights from the branch for a natural, whimsical woodland effect.

Make sure that each ornament is safely secured to the branch.

Step 4

A collage of shots of a decorative branch at home.
Cavendish dining set

And the final touch: Switch on your fairy lights and voila! Your Christmas centrepiece is ready to dazzle. Inexpensive and incredibly easy to craft, we recommend trying this DIY if you’re looking to add a distinctive touch to your home this festive season.

The sky’s the limit with this project - You can dress up your branch further with tinsel, florals, or any other element that suits your style. We always enjoy seeing what you come up with, so if you’re making a hanging branch of your own, share your masterpiece and tag us in your images! (@furniturechoice on Instagram)

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