How to: The ultimate guide to coastal style at home

Introduce a beach-inspired look to the home with these tips.

There’s usually a moment on a perfect beach holiday, when the thought ‘I wish I never had to leave’ begins to sound very tempting. And while you might not be able to stay, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beach home with you.

Here are some of our favourite ways to invite coastal style (and all the summer vibes that come with it!) into the home. And for more summery inspiration, check out our Shop the Look: A Summer Breeze.

1. Opt for a simple layout

oak dining set with fabric dining chairs and striped rug
Townhouse dining set

This look is all about recreating the zen and relaxation of being by the sea - so starting off with a clean, minimal layout provides a great palette to build on.

Begin by choosing a centrepiece for your space, whether it’s a cosy sofa, a large bed or a dining table. A few principles apply: look for simple lines and rustic finishes, and opt for lighter tones to create airiness and elegance. Light stained oak and off-white are particularly great choices here.

The main aim is to create a stylish space that is simultaneously unfussy and functional. So it’s best for the flow of the room to be uncluttered, and as open plan as possible. Design your room with the furniture at its centre, and then incorporate as much negative space as you can afford, so there’s a sense of expansiveness and ease.

2. Dive into deep blue (and white!)

Oatmeal fabric bed in a modern coastal bedroom
Caversham bed

Blue and white have always been classic choices for beach decor, evoking the ocean and sunny skies, and pairing beautifully to boot. Traditionally, the shades of choice have tended to be lighter blues like turquoise and aquamarine, but for a 2019 update, go for darker tones, ones that are closer on the spectrum to indigo and navy.

With a look this deceptively simple, layering is key. To avoid a space that looks flat, use different shades of white and cream to create a luxurious, welcoming base (for instance, with bed linens or when selecting a sofa) and then add rich shades of blue for a calming, ocean-based palette. This can be in the form of pillows, chunky knits or placemats, and even the choice of paint!

For a statement wall with a difference, a half painted wall that has sailor blue contrasted against crisp white takes its cue from marine inspirations and also creates a sense of height in the room - important when working with the constraints of an urban home or apartment.

3. Update summery, coastal prints

Bright and airy living room with neutral furniture with navy blue cushions, oak dining set with striped rug
DigsDigs, Furniture And Choice

We did promise that this would be an updated take on coastal decor, but one element of this look has never gone out of style: stripes.

A summer classic for a reason, stripes also look good all year round, and easily fit into a contemporary beach-inspired home, especially in navy and cream or white. Incorporating this print in different rooms can create cohesion, and tie the theme together - from striped cushions and rugs in the living room, to the casual beach towel doubling as a throw on the bed.

dining flat lay with blue napkins
Furniture And Choice

Another way to play with prints and inject sunny holiday vibes is with tie dye. But! We’re steering away from the psychedelic versions of the 60s, opting instead for the subtler charms of shibori, an ancient Japanese dyeing technique. Shibori’s distinctive indigo patterns have the carefree look and feel of tie dye, but with a contemporary, chic twist - try using it for a playful print in the living room, or as unexpectedly elegant napkins when entertaining.

4. Embrace natural textures

rattan baskets on top of wooden cabinet, linen sofa with cushions and striped rug
DigsDigs, Cassie sofa

Being at the coast is a very sensorial experience - think of the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair, picking up shells and driftwood. So when designing and planning a contemporary coastal-inspired home, texture and organic elements are a central part of getting it right.

And it’s not just about how these materials feel, but also how they look. Linen, rattan and jute all add both visual and tactile character, creating contrast and interest, and bringing in a bit of the wildness of nature and the outdoors.

There are many ways to do this: rattan chairs or a wicker pendant can immediately add a tropical feel to the dining room, while a jute basket and rug, or a strategically placed plant can create warmth and dynamism. The important thing is to make it feel natural, so if you’re worried about overdoing it, it’s best to start small and add decor and smaller pieces that can be moved around.

5. Amplify warm, natural light

White living room furniture with blue cushions

Lastly, we might not be able to enjoy the long days and bright light of summer year round, but we can do our best to maximise what we do have.

Leave the windows minimally covered, or use translucent curtains in order to really get the most natural light into your home - and of course, there’s always the tried and tested method of adding a mirror right opposite your largest window to amplify the light you do get.

Light oak and white finishes are wonderful light diffusers, especially when they’re the main furniture in the room. They’re also good colours to use on the floor and ceilings, both of which are important - but often forgotten - when trying to attain that elusive sense of space and airiness.

How to make your home feel like a beach house

  • Opt for a minimal layout and furniture with simple lines and rustic finishes.

  • Use lighter tones (like off-white and light stained oak) to create airiness.

  • Pair dark blues, like indigo and navy, with white for a modern take on this classic combo.

  • Layer different shades of white and cream for bed linens and the sofa.

  • Add rich shades of blue in the form of pillows, throws or placemats.

  • Incorporate stripes in different rooms via cushions, rugs and throws.

  • DIY a playful tie dye print for added summer holiday vibes.

  • Embrace natural textures like rattan, jute and linen.

  • Leave windows minimally covered to maximise natural light.

  • Choose light oak and white finishes for floors and ceilings.

Want more summer home inspiration?

ivory leather chesterfield sofa set in a relaxing summer style living room
Furniture And Choice

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