How to style a luxe and cosy Christmas at home

Add instant glamour to your Christmas home decor with our 5 style tips.

This Christmas, embrace the mood of indulgence and lavishness - in your interior design. As temperatures fall and layering up seems like a good idea, there’s no better time to lounge around amongst comfortable, sensuous materials like velvet and wool. They also help establish an air of elegance and luxury, which is our interior goal for the season.

Read on for more ideas on how to dress up the home for a glamorous Christmas!

Reach for sensuous materials like velvet, wool and faux fur

Cosy and luxurious Christmas living room with faux fur and plush fabric materials.
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Elevate your layering game by reaching for sumptuous, sensuous fabrics like lush velvet, snuggly wool, and oh-so-fluffy faux fur. While a game-changing move would be to switch to a magnificent velvet sofa, there are smaller, less committal ways to incorporate these materials your home.

For instance, plop on a few forest green velvet pillows and drape a woolly blanket over your sofa. If you like how they look and feel, add a white faux fur rug or a cashmere throw to the mix. And voila, you’ll have an incredibly cosy living room that’ll make you want to stay in all season.

Lighting and ambience go hand in hand

Chandelier above a white marble dining table in a glamorous Christmas setting.
Furniture And Choice - Savoy Round White Marble and Chrome Dining Table with 4 Perth Grey Velvet Chairs

Lighting is key in creating a cosy ambience that still remains functional. A chandelier makes for a bright and lovely feature above the dining table, while stringing fairy lights throughout the home instantly evokes magical winter wonderland vibes. For additional illumination, pick out a stylish floor lamp as it can provide ambient or task lighting, as well as draw attention to a special feature of the room.

Candles are easy additions that deliver so much more than they cost. Even the happiest people in the world (the Danes) attribute lighting candles as an integral part of hygge, and a party should always aim to have that deliciously warm, homely quality. When serving dinner, stick to unscented candles to avoid overwhelming the senses.

Show off opulent surfaces like marble and brass

White marble dining table decorated in a glamorous Christmas dinner setting.
Furniture And Choice - Savoy Round White Marble and Chrome Dining Table

In all the excitement of decking the home for Christmas, don’t forget to dress up the dining table too. An opulent white marble table is a fine choice come dinner party time, bringing with it a layer of luxury and brightness that will never go out of style. Smaller homes may want to consider a round table with a central pedestal to free up leg room when gathering over festive meals.

To complement the marble’s sheen, display dinnerware and accessories that feature a rustic brass finish. Their slight earthiness adds depth while the metallic coating reflects twinkling Christmas lights for a sparkling, magical effect.

A bar cart is always fun

Holiday bar cart decorated for a fancy Christmas party.

Prepare the mulled wine, eggnog or Champagne and serve them via a handy bar cart, why don’t you? A brass finished cart is classy and versatile enough to be used in any season! If you have more of a cocktail crowd going on, it’s the perfect way to present a DIY cocktail counter too.

Display garnishes like mint leaves, fresh berries, and orange twists in glasses and include little tongs so guests can customise their drinks. And when the party moves into the dining room? Just roll the drinks that way.

Personalised place settings for a memorable party

Personalised place setting for a luxurious Christmas dinner setting.
Furniture And Choice - Savoy Round White Marble and Chrome Dining Table

Personalisation is the pinnacle of luxury; and the devil is in the details. Wow your guests with customised place settings that make beautiful additions to your dining table. One idea is to print photos of each guest to be used as part of their gift wrap, or make a simple name display for individual place settings.

If you prefer to get crafty with natural elements, tie sprigs of holly with ribbon or scatter a few pine cones as festive, elegant touches. It’s also a great way to invite a little of the outdoors into the home.

While you’re at it, try your hand at some other fun Christmas DIY ideas like photos and salt dough ornaments, or customised decorative baubles that can be filled with anything festive!

We hope you have a blast preparing for the holidays, and Merry Christmas in advance!

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