How to care for your high gloss table

An easy how-to guide on keeping the finish of a high gloss table clean and pristine for years, including tips on removing stains and what tools to use.

The distinct glamour and shine of a high gloss table is what makes it an irresistibly stylish choice in a modern dining room - but it can also seem like a magnet for smudges and streaky lines.

Thankfully, it’s also pretty simple and easy to clean and maintain… and we’ve got you covered! For a pristine, gleaming dining room, just follow these 5 easy tips on caring for your high gloss table.

1. Avoid heat

It all begins by choosing your placement wisely. It’s important to keep your high gloss dining table away from direct sources of heat and sunlight to avoid fading. So avoid spots that would be directly under or facing heaters, as well as windows with hours of direct sunlight.

That also extends to other sources of heat too - it's best to always have heat proof mats on hand to place under hot items to prevent any burn marks or blisters.

2. Protect the finish

Prevention is better than cure, so try to prevent scratches by always using coasters and placemats when dining at your high gloss table, or for that matter, placing them under any decorative items you plan to have on the table.

Sharp items can also potentially cause nicks and gouges on the surface of the table, and when we say sharp, it could be something as innocuous as a ballpoint pen. So always use protective pads when writing on a gloss table, unless you want your shopping list accidentally engraved onto it!

Lastly, do not drag objects on your table. Always try to place your items down instead, as heavy plates and bowls can definitely leave their mark.

3. Wipe spills immediately

High gloss white table with black leather chairs with chrome legs in a simple, neutral dining room.
Tokyo dining set

Spills and crumbs are a natural part of any dining experience, but when it happens on a high gloss table, it’s crucial to wipe it up right away before it sets and they’re much harder to lift out. Use a soft lint-free cloth and wipe it away, either with the cloth slightly dampened or with a heavily diluted solution of water and washing up liquid.

It’s also important to carefully dry the surface of your high gloss table with another cloth after cleaning to avoid streaks or marks.

4. Less is more

Less is more when it comes to cleaners - some, such as glass cleaners, can be corrosive, while cleaners with silicone in them can leave an unpleasant film on your table that can have a dulling effect. Unlike cleaning a wooden table, a high gloss table will generally not need a big annual clean or polish, so long as you’re cleaning it after each usage.

5. Dust daily

To keep your table’s gleam pristine, dusting it daily is a good practice. And as above, keeping it simple really is best. We like to use either a feather duster or a microfibre cloth - essentially anything that will be able to grab onto as much dust as possible without scratching the surface of the table. Even a soft, old T-shirt will do in a pinch, as long as it’s lint free.

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