The top interior trend predictions for 2020

Thinking about updating your home with the latest interior trends for 2020? Read on to get started.

The year 2020 is shaping up to be a defining one for the design world with plenty of trends to get excited about.

A new decade signals the next chapter and the year 2020 centres on comfort, wellbeing and an update on classic design rules. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve spoken to a panel of design experts who’ve narrowed down the top trends of the year. Ring in the new year with these predictions.

Trends predictions for 2020

Round and curved shapes will be big

Circular grey fabric sofa in the living room
Hayley Johnson

According to Hayley Johnson, this will be big in home decor next year - from curved sofas and tables to arched doorways and round mirrors. “I think curves soften the interior and breaks up the visual if you have a lot of clean straight lines in the area,” she says. “It is also a lot more child-friendly and takes up less space than the standard ends. Using curved furniture such as a sofa also makes it easier for conversations and hosting guests.”

I think curves soften the interior and breaks up the visual if you have a lot of clean straight lines in the area

Hayley Johnson
Curved green chairs with uneven shaped table in white dining room with statement lighting
Architectural Digest

Julia Alexander weighs in too, describing a bespoke table that she came across at Decorex which had an interesting oval shape. “It mirrored the rough form of natural raw materials that it was made from,” she says. “I love the uniqueness of this approach and the juxtaposition of our straight-lined square and rectangular homes with more interesting shapes.”

Go all out with eclectic design

Eclectic dining room with indoor plants and wooden furniture
Pandora Maxton

If you love layering and combining different interior styles together, eclectic design might just be the trend for you. It’s a style full of personality and it brings together different trends, textures and colours for a cohesive and statement-making look.

“I hope to see more people layering up their homes, being brave and not following the rules,” Pandora Maxton says. “For example, I have created an eclectic wall in my dining area using a mix of art, plants, shelves and pots. This doesn’t have to cost much either. There are so many affordable art or poster companies to choose from and thrifting in second-hand shops makes creating an eclectic look easy and affordable.”

I hope to see more people layering up their homes, being brave and not following the rules

Pandora Maxton

Bring nature and technology together with sustainable design

All white dining room with lots of indoor plants, wooden furniture and rattan baskets

With sustainability becoming more important to the future of design (and our planet), 2020 is set to be the year where technology and nature meet. Julia weighs in, “Fusing technology and innovation is a hot topic for designers. Reusing plastics, and more abundant natural materials like bamboo and seagrass will be something we continue to see developing for 2020.”

Reusing plastics, and more abundant natural materials like bamboo and seagrass will be something we continue to see developing for 2020

Julia Alexander

Embrace sustainability through biophilic design - a concept which combines a love of nature and a mindful approach to living, both at home and at work. “By using natural light, greenery, calming earthy colours and natural materials such as stone and wood it creates a feeling of wellness,” Hayley adds. “Your home will light up with visual texture and reconnect you with nature and wellbeing. It also brings you out of a technology-filled, artificial environment at work and into a tranquil and relaxing one.”

Matte black is back

Matte black kitchen with contrasting white walls and wooden flooring

For fans of minimalist decor with a hint of edge, matte black decor is expected to make a big impact in 2020. Sleek and sophisticated, matte black is a versatile colour that can be used in large doses throughout the home such as the kitchen and living room.

“In 2020, we will see black becoming the new neutral in a big way,” Hayley says. “Don’t let the colour intimidate you as it brings a luxurious touch of elegance to your kitchen space. Black appliances and sinks with a black stone countertop teamed with matte black cabinets are such a beautiful combination. Use wood and white on the walls and floors to create a striking contrast between the elements.”

Freshen up your home with green

Green feature photo wall in the hallway with contrasting wallpaper
Pandora Maxton

A new decade signals growth and rejuvenation so it’s no surprise that green has been the hotly-tipped colour of 2020. Whether it’s neo mint or a dark olive shade, expect green to breathe new life into the home this season.

“From the new Dulux (soft) Tranquil Dawn to the bold Emerald and Olives by Farrow & Ball, I think we are going to see much more green,” Pandora says. “But saying that I think we are going to see much more colour generally. I recently bit the bullet and painted my hallway in the brightest emerald I could find and I love it. It makes my boring dark little hallway come to life.”

Light up your home with statement lighting

Living room with statement pendant lighting and neutral furniture
Galerie Half

With more experimental designs in the market, expect statement lighting to have its big moment in 2020 - whether that’s asymmetrical shapes or classy yet quirky styles to add character.

“There's an emerging trend for being creative with lighting and paying attention to it during the design process, rather than being an afterthought,” Julia says. “This is reflected (got to have a lighting pun!) in the amazing and affordable lighting choices now available on the high street. From wall lights that look like art, oversized lights in smaller spaces, or groupings of smaller pendants.”

Embrace bold and colourful wallpaper

Statement wallpaper with bold 3D designs
Authentic Interior

With more focus on textures and patterns, shine the spotlight on wallpaper which has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity. Pandora agrees while commenting, “Expect to see lots more wallpaper, velvets and patterns throughout the home with lots of big patterns clashing! Wallpapers and curtains will embrace an old-fashioned look.”

A favourite at Milan Design Week, this trend has updated traditional elements with 3D textures and bolder patterns. From colourful floral designs to intricate geometric patterns, there are plenty of ways to play around with wallpaper this season - just remember to have fun with it!

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