Marble Dining Sets

Pair up our bold marble dining tables with elegant, comfortable chairs for the perfect set to make a statement with.

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About Marble Dining Sets

Bold, opulent and modern, a marble dining table makes a strong style statement in the dining room.

Our marble tables pair modern shapes and Art Deco glam, but their real strength lies in their surprising versatility. You can choose to go big with striking central pedestal tables, or opt for classic, simple options for a cleaner, contemporary look. Either way, marble's distinctive finish adds an instant boost of luxury to the dining room.

A marble dining table's dramatic look is best paired with a set of matching dining chairs. Chairs with striking chrome accents lend a modern Gatsby twist to the dining room, while cosy, upholstered seats lend a touch of contrast and comfort to the space.

Keeping your marble table and chairs in pristine condition is simple, though we do recommend the use of placemats and coasters to protect the surface of the table. And as we work directly with manufacturers, we're able to craft furniture that's built to last, while keeping our prices low.

If you’re new to buying your dining table set online, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, you may also enjoy browsing through some answers to frequently asked questions about dining sets.

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