Our commitment to sustainability
  • We only manufacture with responsibly sourced wood
  • And we help our customers recycle their furniture
  • And we use recyclable packaging where possible
  • And we plant a tree for every order
Together we’ll plant 500,000 trees.

500,000 trees in three years

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trees planted so far

As furniture retailers, we take our impact on the environment seriously. Part of our sustainability efforts include planting a tree for every customer's order. Through Ecologi, we will plant 500,000 trees in three years.

Responsibly sourced wood

All of our products - like our sofa frames and wooden dining tables and chairs - are made with sustainable timber from managed forests.

Managed forests adhere to strict guidelines to prevent illegal logging and deforestation, and protect natural biodiversity and wildlife.

At Furniture And Choice, all our wood products meet European Timber Regulation (EUTR) standards and we have gone beyond this with a commitment to use managed plantation timber exclusively.

Responsible manufacturing

  • We have due diligence procedures in place with our suppliers to ensure that timber is compliant
  • Some of the sustainable wood types that we use in our furniture include acacia, poplar and rubberwood
  • We utilise as much of the plantation timber as possible, for e.g. the MDF that we use comes from rubberwood and from a timber perspective this utilises nearly all of the timber and reduces wastage of the raw material
  • Similarly, oak veneer is made from thinly slicing the timber and utilises nearly all of the oak tree. A veneer can be a sustainable option as it uses less wood to produce the same look as solid wood furniture
  • We have a firm policy of not using timber from plantation on land reserves, rainforests, newly felled forests, or woodland areas

Recycle or donate your furniture

Our customers told us how difficult it is to remove their old furniture, so we created a tool to help them find their nearest recycling and donation centres.

Use our Recycle or Donate Tool to dispose of your old furniture legally and sustainably. This handy online tool maps over 700 furniture recycling and donation centres across the UK - simply key in your postcode to find your nearest centre.

Recyclable product packaging where possible

Our products are packed in a carton made from recycled pulp and with recyclable plastic bags where possible. When delivering our products to customers, our two-man delivery service takes away the packaging and recycles the cardboard.

We are also striving for alternative packaging methods to decrease our one-time use of packaging materials.

Sustainability in our workplace

At Furniture And Choice, none of our waste goes to landfills. Our warehouses separate plastic and cardboard from our product packaging and send it to recycling centres. And in our offices, we separate cardboard, paper and aluminium for recycling, and send our waste to a local power station to use as fuel.

We also participate in the Cycle to Work scheme, a tax-free employee benefit that helps our staff get a brand new bike and equipment for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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