15 Maximalist Décor Ideas

Elevate your space from ordinary to extraordinary with our maximalist home décor ideas.

Maximalist interior design has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, emerging as a vibrant alternative to the minimalist style. Maximalist home décor stands out as a celebration of abundance, personality, and self-expression.

This opulent style embraces the concept of 'more is more’, encouraging an indulgence in bold colours, intricate patterns, diverse textures, and statement furniture like our chesterfield sofas. The ethos of maximalist decoration also encourages individuals to surround themselves with the things they love, which result in spaces that are not only visually stunning but also rich in character.

If you're ready to dive into the lavish world of maximalism, here are 15 maximalist décor ideas that will transform your home into a maximalist masterpiece.

1. Pick a rich colour palette

Glass dining table with wooden legs and velvet dining chairs
Hatton and Salisbury Dining Set

Start your maximalist décor journey by choosing rich, saturated colours that inject understated luxury into a home. Don't be afraid to embrace the intensity of jewel tones like deep ruby, emerald green, and sapphire blue. Incorporate those colours in your walls, furniture, rugs, and accessories for a sophisticated vibe.

2. Create a dramatic maximalist wall

Bedroom featuring bold maximalist wallpaper and a linen bed
Florin Bed

Your wall is the biggest canvas in your home and you should use it to its fullest. To design a maximalist wall, use striking maximalist wallpaper with bold prints or subtle texture. You can also choose to paint it in a vivid colour or for a real game-changer, opt for a wall mural. They can be custom-printed or hand painted right onto the wall, becoming an artistic piece that’s uniquely yours.

3. Try colour blocking your maximalist room

Comfy velvet bed in a hot pink coloured maximalist bedroom
Astor Bed

Embrace the ‘more is more’ concept of maximalist décor by using the colour blocking technique. This design technique is about pairing two or three contrasting colours for a bold and contemporary look. For example, mixing pink, blue, and yellow for a vibrant, summery vibe. If you’re not sure which colours would go well together, look at a colour wheel and choose colours that are opposites or close to each other.

4. Add a bohemian touch to your maximalist décor

Bohemian maximalist living room with rattan furniture and leather sofa
Hampton Corner Sofa

The modern bohemian style is all about creating that free-spirited aesthetic. To infuse a bit of boho flair to your maximalist space, decorate with clashing patterns, animal prints, and accessories made of natural materials like cane and rattan. Mixing new and second-hand furniture, especially woven and wooden ones, are also a good way to capture the essence of bohemian maximalist décor.

5. Incorporate statement furniture pieces

Wooden dining table with blue velvet dining chairs in stylish dining room
Pavilion and Bewley Dining Set

Make a statement with your furniture choices. Consider pieces that add character and a bit of drama to your space like an oversized leather sofa or a designer armchair. Antique-inspired wooden furniture are also great statement pieces to have. They look grand and their vintage charm adds a touch of elegance to your maximalist home.

6. Choose maximalist furniture in lush upholstery

Blue velvet sofa in a maximalist living room
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa

Elevate the look and feel of your maximalist room with furniture in soft, lush upholstery like velvet or plush fabric. The luxurious texture embodies what maximalism is all about, excess and grandeur. Whether it’s a velvet sofa or plush fabric dining chairs, embrace extravagance and choose them in rich colours like royal blue or silver.

7. Mix furniture of different styles

Industrial style dining table with dining bench and leather dining chairs
Franklin and Brooklyn Dining Set

Maximalist decoration encourages diversity. Put together furniture pieces of varying designs, from traditional to contemporary, for an eclectic style. A good example of this is mismatched dining chairs. By swapping out some dining chairs and replacing them with a dining bench, you can create an industrial look that’s modern yet classic.

8. Get creative with a maximalist gallery wall

Grey corner sofa in luxurious velvet upholstery
Furniture And Choice corner sofas

Showcase your personality through a gallery wall with colourful artwork and photographs. Combine large, attention-grabbing pieces with smaller, more intricate works to create a dynamic display. Don't worry about positioning them in perfect symmetry, go with an asymmetrical layout instead for a more authentic and lived-in feel.

9. Max out on texture

Plush fabric sofa in a bright and colourful living room
Baltimore 2 Seater Sofa

Adding texture is key to achieving a maximalist look. Introduce luxurious materials like velvet, silk, faux fur, and leather through your pillows, throws, and upholstery. Plush rugs or carpets are also great options to add texture. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, they are a great way to include more vibrant colours and patterns to your maximalist décor.

10. Play with maximalist patterns

Comfy bed in a pastel coloured bedroom
Caro Bed

Patterns and maximalist décor go hand in hand. Embrace various patterns such as stripes, geometrics, polka dots, and animal prints to add depth and texture to your living space. Whether it's through throw pillows, framed prints, or upholstery, let patterns run wild in your home for a truly maximalist vibe.

11. Go all out with luxurious lighting

Wooden dining table with velvet dining chairs in a luxe dining room
Cavendish and Kensington Dining Set

Maximalist home décor calls for bold and dramatic lighting fixtures. From grand chandeliers to luxe wall sconces to designer floor lamps, layering different sources of light can create a welcoming and cosy ambience for your space. For an extra dose of glamour, choose lights with crystals or chrome finishing.

12. Use mirrors in your maximalist décor

Plush fabric grey corner sofa in a modern living room
Baltimore Corner Sofa

Decorative mirrors are a must in maximalist home décor. They amplify light and help create the illusion of a larger space. Choose oversized mirrors or mirrors with ornate frames for an elaborated look. Place them on the ground or hang them on the wall in the middle of your room. If you have a fireplace, an antique-inspired mirror will sit well above it.

13. Style with metallic and chrome

Black marble effect dining table with chrome legs and velvet dining chairs
Savoy and Kensington Dining Set

Using metallics and chrome in your interior will take your maximalist home to new heights of extravagance. The polished, glassy mirror finish effortlessly creates a luxurious aesthetic. Play around and combine various finishes like gold, silver, and brass. Include them in your furniture, lighting, as well as decorative items like vases and photo frames.

14. Display your accessories on a bookshelf

White marble effect dining table and velvet dining chairs in a maximalist room
Florence and Kensington Dining Set

Maximalism interior design allows you to showcase your favourite accessories without restraint. That means you will need space for it. An easy way to create space is to use a bookshelf (or alcove) for your decorative items. Put up your collection of ceramics, sculptures, and vases to display your personality and enhance your maximalist space.

15. Decorate your maximalist room with plants

Fabric bed in a maximalist bedroom full of plants
Caro Bed

The maximalist approach to home décor celebrates the beauty of excess and that includes indoor plants. To arrange your plants like a pro and create that indoor jungle vibe, have one large floor plant as the centrepiece while scattering smaller plants all around the room. For a more organised look, dedicate a corner of your room for plants and group together plants of all shapes and sizes. Place them in pots of varying heights for a stylish aesthetic.

With these 15 maximalist décor ideas, you can embrace extravagance and turn your home into a vibrant space of colours, patterns, and textures. After all, life is too short for only one colour. Want to learn how to add more bold colours to your home? Read our guide on how to decorate with pink.

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