10 ways to design your workspace at home

Is your home office in need of a makeover? Check out our guide for some inspiration to create a productive and comfortable WFH space.

Striking the balance of work and play in your home has become more important than ever with increasing numbers of people freelancing or working from home.

Sussing out how to set up a workspace for homes that are short on space can be a tricky thing, but we’ve collected some of our favourite recommendations here. From styling tips to creative ideas like turning dining tables into work desks, our guide will help you design a functional and comfortable workspace at home.


Work from home space in living room with a velvet chair
Baltimore 2 Seater Sofa, Riva Dining Chair

Do you work best in a quiet area or do you fancy being in the thick of the action? Deciding on where to work from will affect your furniture pieces as well as accessorising; for instance, if you often expect clients to pop by, a separate room with more seats might be in order.

2. Plan ahead

Working from home glass table and leather chair
Furniture And Choice glass dining tables

A good way to stick with your chosen aesthetic is to plan in advance. Log into Pinterest or browse for suitable furniture and decor based on your workflow. Ultimately, your space should work for you instead of the other way around.

3. Experiment with the layout

Living room with a work from home space and a grey sofa
Brooklyn Dining Chair,Stockholm 3 Seater Sofa

Try different layouts to see what works best for you. You might prefer a minimalist setup with just a desk and chair, or you might benefit from a more elaborate setup with multiple monitors and a standing desk.

4. Personalise part of the office

Personalised work from home space with feature wall and posters
Furniture And Choice

A customised section ups the practicality while encouraging you to work better and more efficiently. This nifty feature wall not only zones your work area but also allows you to personalise your space with posters or artwork.

5. Give existing pieces a new life

Home office with a modern table and boucle chair
Addison Dining Table, Riva Dining Chair

Revamp your home without buying new furniture by re-purposing cabinets or storage pieces to work in your favour. Styling your favourite dining table as a working desk is one way of keeping your furniture around, with a new purpose.

6. Pick the right essentials

Work from home area with supportive chair
Furniture And Choice modern dining tables

Comfort is a huge factor when it comes to your living space, and for the home office, it’s no different. An ultra-stylish chair isn’t good at all (especially on your posture) if it doesn’t offer the right support.

7. Organise around your desk (and space)

Work from home area with shelving and greenery
Milton Dining Table

Similar to the kitchen, an office should be kept neat while having easy access to your most important tools. Have a well-stocked tray on hand with all your essentials within reach, or add shelving near your desk.

8. It’s all in the walls

Work from home area maximising wall space
Brooklyn Dining Chair

Aside from hanging artwork and being used for practical shelving, walls also make an excellent space-saver. Positioning your table next to a wall is a great solution in establishing a cosy working spot without taking up too much room.

9. Get furniture that multitasks

Kitchen-diner that doubles as work from home area
Fletcher Bar Stool

Sometimes, less is more. For smaller homes, a kitchen-diner may double as a workspace. Install shelving to store items or use a trolley cart to keep your essentials close by.

10. Partition off the office

Bedroom partition with work from home area
Caro Bed, Ricco Chair

An additional bonus: a wall partition is a creative way of sectioning off your workspace – a perfect approach that doesn’t entirely hide the office but invites it to be a part of the home.

By implementing these ideas, you can design a home office that meets your needs and helps you work efficiently and comfortably. For more articles like this, check out our guide on how to set up a productive workspace at home.

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