12 neutral living room ideas

Make the most out of these simple, cosy and achievable neutral living room ideas that are far from boring.

As homes become our cocoons from the outside world, it’s only natural that we gravitate towards calming and relaxing décor. One of the best ways to start is with a neutral living room as it sets the tone for a stylish and inviting space. Known as the in-between colours that don’t fight for attention, neutrals range from grey, white, black to beige, cream, tan and ivory.

Whether it’s classic or contemporary décor, neutrals provide the base for wall colours, sofa upholstery options, and the type of natural materials to use. It also gives you the chance to experiment by adding pops of colour to break up the simplicity. Here are 12 neutral living room ideas that we’ve rounded up to inspire you to recreate in your home.

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1. say it loudly with quiet luxury

Neutral living room with quiet luxury accents
Hampton Sofa Set

Quiet luxury’s aesthetic of ‘money talks, wealth whispers’ is another social media trend that’s making its way into our homes. With a focus on minimalistic, well-crafted design, its sophisticated style is perfect for neutrals and timeless décor. Go for a light, muted palette like cream, white, or beige as the goal is to achieve a discreet yet luxurious vibe. Concentrate on the subtle details of the room such as making the colour of your sofa a shade lighter than your walls or the style and material of your coffee table.

2. Add a timeless touch with black and white

Black recliner sofa in a neutral living room
Montana Recliner Sofa Set

The timeless combo of black and white is an easy pick when decorating with a neutral colour scheme. Start with a white base to ground the room and then bring in the black pieces for a stylish contrast. Choose a black sofa set as the centrepieces of the room and prioritise clean lines and simple silhouettes for a curated feel. Soften the sharp accents with relaxing textures such as leather, plush fabric, or velvet for a striking but still relaxing vibe.

3. Keep it simple with a grey neutral living room

Grey neutral living room with sofa set
Atlanta Sofa Set

Grey living rooms are always a crowd favourite especially for modern neutral living room ideas. To choose the perfect shade of grey take note of the direction of natural lighting in your living room. North-facing rooms always feel darker so it’s best to go for a warmer grey while south-facing rooms will benefit from a grey tone with hints of blue or green to cool down the room. For east and west-facing rooms, use grey tones with tinges of blue, green, or violet to balance the sunlight.

4. channel cosy scandi vibes with neutrals

Scandinavian style living room in a neutral palette
Furniture And Choice grey fabric sofas

A cosy neutral living room is the perfect base to decorate with Scandinavian design as it favours a palette of whites, greys, and earthy tones. Position your living room layout to maximise on natural light and then bring in cosy neutrals to create a light and airy atmosphere. Choose a light grey fabric sofa to start then bring in knit throws and soft cushions for a hygge and homely feel. Bring the outdoors inside with wooden textures throughout the room such as flooring, a coffee table, or shelving for the full hygge treatment.

5. be playful with patterns

Neutral living room with grey sofa and patterns
Bailey L-Shape Sofa

Introduce patterns to enhance your neutral living room and create a more playful aesthetic. Use the sofa and wall colour as the grounding backdrop with neutrals like grey and white. Curate where you want to add your patterns such as on your sofa or on the walls to make the room feel more coordinated. Choose abstract patterns or shapes to prevent overwhelming the room. If you want to display more artwork and accessories, add more shelving to complete the look.

6. embrace country style

Country style living room in a neutral palette
Oakham 3 Seater Sofa

Charming and homely, achieve a country style living room by layering different elements in the same neutral palette. Beige, taupe, cream, or off-white are cosy colour options that can be added for interest and volume. Use different shades for contrast and create a layered look by mixing different textures - wooden tiling and soft upholstery. To nail the country house style living room, an elegant Chesterfield sofa with plenty of cushions is essential. Throw in stripes and criss-cross patterns with cushions and rugs, then add finishing touches like a stylish mirror or lovely artwork.

7. relax with modern boho style

Neutral living room in a modern bohemian style
Harlow 2 Seater Sofa

Laidback but free-spirited - incorporating modern bohemian style into a neutral living room is all about texture, patterns, and comfort. You could use dark or light neutrals - the key is to have a large rug reflect the base colour of the room to tie it all together. Gather your throws, fluffy cushions, or blankets on your sofa for extra cosy feels. Accents like plants (the bigger the better), wall art, and macrame tapestries would fit right into the modern boho vibes.

8. bring in blue accents with coastal décor

Neutral living room with coastal decor
Cassie 3 Seater Sofa

Coastal décor fits right into a neutral living room with its breezy, relaxing style. The key here is to focus on simple lines and rustic finishes. White or cream is the primary colour here while navy blue accents such as a half-painted wall are used to contrast and evoke the feeling of being by the beach. Lean into the natural element of this trend with a linen or cotton sofa in a beige tone alongside rattan accessories and a jute rug. Alternate between picking accessories like cushions or throws in neutral tones alongside pops of blue to maintain the flow of the room.

9. discover soft minimalism

Luxe neutral living room with soft minimalism decor
Loren Sofa Set

As the latest interior trend dominating social media, soft minimalism is all things a luxe neutral living room should be. This new take on minimalism is a far cry from the classic stark and sterile look and instead is defined by calming neutrals, curved lines, and natural materials. Instead of the usual white palette, choose cream or off-white for the base and layer with relaxing textures such as velvet, cotton, or boucle for a contemporary look. Curved lines are an important part of this trend so it’s a good idea to pick a curved sofa designed for gathering around. Complement the look with a soft neutral rug and match the vibe with warm lighting.

10. set the scene with wall panelling

Neutral living room with wall panelling and grey sofa
Harlow L-Shape Sofa (credit: @therichmondhome_)

Are you worried that your neutral living room feels too one-dimensional? Add depth with wall panelling to shake things up. Depending on the style you’re going for, choose from traditional, shaker, slatted, or rustic style panelling to enhance your living room. Match the vibe with a subtle tone like warm white (which goes with everything) or limestone for your walls to set the scene for relaxing.

11. shine with luxe metallics in a neutral lounge

Classic neutral living room with luxe metallics
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa (credit: @maisonbrownstylishhome)

Make a glamorous statement with luxe metallics in a neutral living room. Pick an off-white hue for the walls to start and choose a sofa in a light neutral tone to ground the room. If your room has a warm undertone, a neutral lounge idea would be to accessorise with gold or brass accents to complement the cream or taupe base. For living rooms with cool undertones, add sparkly touches with silver and chrome or sharpen with black accents to balance the clean white or grey base.

12. use green as a neutral

Neutral living room with green walls
Hampton Sofa Set

With more people letting the outdoors into their homes, green can also be seen as a calming neutral. Use it as the primary colour in your living room to give it a fresh and uplifting touch while also bringing balance and tranquillity. Pick sage green on the walls if you want to add a (soft) pop of colour to a neutral living room. Add light contrast with a sofa in a classic neutral hue like beige or oatmeal to match the lighthearted vibe of sage green. Capture the warmth of the room by positioning the sofa (or sofas) near the windows.

What goes with neutral colours for the living room?

  • Mix different shades of wood together
  • Bring in pops of colour inspired by nature like green or blue
  • Add interest to the walls with more shelving and artwork
  • Be unique with vintage touches
  • Experiment with different shapes through accessories

We hope these neutral living room ideas and cosy living room ideas inspire you to update your living room. Want to learn more about how to prioritise wellness and simplicity in your décor? Read our guide on mindful living at home.

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