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Since 2005, we've inspired customers to transform their homes with stylish contemporary furniture at affordable prices.

We also deliver fast (in days, not months) and our customers love us

Our founders

Tom Obbard

Tom worked for Amazon in the early days when e-commerce was just starting. He then moved to high end furniture store Heal’s to run their online operation.

Amazon famously offers the widest range, best prices and fast delivery, whereas Heal’s sells high quality, design led furniture to those who can afford it. This gave Tom an idea: could he combine the two and offer a wide range of quality, stylish furniture, that’s affordable to all and quick to deliver?

Howard Obbard

Howard is a British entrepreneur and furniture designer who moved to Asia in the 90’s so that he could design, develop and manufacture his own products. Now with over 20 years’ experience, he runs multiple companies and operates his own manufacturing plants. Howard supplies his furniture to well known high street brands throughout the world.

In 2005 Tom outlined the idea to Howard, combining their unique experience to offer ‘stylish, quality furniture that everyone can afford’ and in October 2005 Furniture Choice was born.

Today we have nearly 100 staff, with a £20 million turnover, operating out of 250,000 sq ft of warehousing in the UK. We currently sell over 25,000 dining tables, 120,000 dining chairs, 20,000 sofas and 1000’s of beds and mattresses per year.

Our unique experience

It is Tom and Howard’s unique experience that allows us to offer design, quality and value – hallmarks that set us apart from most traditional furniture stores.

Our focus
We match a deep knowledge of contemporary furniture manufacturing with first-class e-commerce expertise. By concentrating on what we do best – and only that – we’re faster, more efficient, and focused.

Our commitment to sustainability
All our wood products are compliant with European Timber Regulation (EUTR) standards and we are committed to using managed plantation timber exclusively. Additionally, our product packaging is made from recyclable pulp and we’ve also created an online Recycle or Donate tool to help people recycle their unwanted furniture. Read our sustainability policy to find out more.

Our connections
We’ve built long-term relationships with manufacturers - at some, we began working with the founders and now we work with their sons. Having trusted and knowledgeable partners help us produce better and more affordable furniture.

In-factory quality control

Our furniture is made by the same people who supply many high street stores. However, we also have Furniture Choice teams in the factories overseeing additional quality control and testing to official UK safety standards and compliance. These same teams on the ground also identify and resolve any design and production issues early - before shipping - which keeps quality tight and prevents costly mistakes.

Our customer service
Trust is essential when it comes to buying furniture online, so our in-house, UK, customer service team is available to offer our best-in-class support over the phone.

Customer focus

Our customer service team is judged on customer satisfaction and not sales. By allocating our time to customers not business, independent reviews show we consistently offer a 5-star service.

Our innovation and craft
We match traditional craftsmanship with progressive materials and technology to keep our furniture quality high and our prices accessible.

Performance Fabrics

Strong but elegant ‘Trade-grade fabrics’ were originally developed for use in airport and hotel lounges. By incorporating these high-performance, innovative materials into our furniture we match the look and feel of traditional upholstery, but with fabrics that are easier to-clean, longer-lasting, thoroughly tested and much better value.

Coming soon – we’re working with our partners in Asia to develop our own Furniture Choice signature high-performance, faux-leathers and linens.

Our in-house design teams
We’ve set up our own design studios to research, style and shoot the latest trends and ideas.