Furniture Choice

The devil’s in the details, but seeing how details can change everything can also be devilish fun!

Take a simple dining chair, for instance. On its own, its elegant clean lines and chrome legs make it a fun addition to any dining room. But add some colour, and the possibilities change dramatically. Let the face-off begin!


Black Chairs

In black, the look is sleek and futuristic. A tad cold, but in a good way, even in a ‘James Bond villain might live here’ kind of way, with the right styling. Purring white cat entirely optional.


White Chairs

White is perfect if you like perfection in your home. Fresh and stylish, it has the feel of a chic gallery or restaurant, and like white in all other settings, is an ideal blank canvas to decorate.


Purple Chairs


Or go in an entirely different direction, and set a bold colour among the canaries (If you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors). Dark purple is just enough of an unusual pop to make a statement without being too outrageous, and would pair beautifully with a colourful room, or a clean white background and pieces.

So there you have it – take your pick! Let us know which of the colours you would pick in the showdown.