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Looking to try out colour blocking without going big and dressing up your walls? Here’s our suggestion: try something smaller.

Colour blocked coasters are an easy way to get in on this trend. They add small pops of colour and texture, and they’re simple to make and personalise – think of it as styling this trend on your own terms, if you will.

Scroll down for our simple, yet high-impact DIY colour blocked coaster tutorial.


What you’ll need

DIY Coasters

You’ll need masking tape, sponges, acrylic paint (minimum of 2 colours) and lastly a set of plain wooden unfinished coasters. We picked out hexagon-shaped pieces for a geometric look, but feel free to go with any shape of your choice.

And when it comes to the colours, you’ve got options too! Go with neutral hues for a cool, tonal effect or opt for something bright and colourful if you want even more visual impact.


Step 1

DIY coasters tape

Cover half of the hexagon with a layer of masking tape. Overlap this with another layer of tape – you should end up with a rhombus shape within the hexagon.


Step 2

Painting DIY coaster

Using the sponge as an applicator, apply an even coat of paint onto the exposed surface. Leave it to dry (very important!) before carefully removing the masking tape.


Step 3

Colour blocking coasters

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on different sections of the coaster, with a different coat of colour each time.


Step 4

Colour Blocked Coasters

Once the paint has dried, finish them off with a coat of clear varnish to protect against warm and chilled beverages, and you’re all set to entertain!

They’re also excellent gifts for someone who enjoys a bit of flair in their home.

Optical Illusion Coasters

We love seeing our DIYs around your home, so if you’re attempting your own set of coasters, share and tag us in your photos on Instagram at @furniturechoice!