10 boho living room ideas you’ll love

In the mood to experiment? Discover our easy boho living room ideas with the help of an interior design expert.

For the laid back, free-spirited and effortlessly chic, bohemian-inspired décor embraces comfort in an expressive and meaningful way. This is a style that doesn’t have strict rules but instead is about mixing colours, patterns and textures to create an eclectic and relaxed space. If you’re in the mood to experiment, a modern boho living room may be the stylish update you’re looking for.

As a décor style, a boho design can easily be adapted to a modern living room. Since it’s all about mixing and layering, modern boho gives you the opportunity to combine it with other interior styles like classic, retro or mid century modern.

From colour ideas to mixing interior styles, discover easy ways to incorporate bohemian-inspired décor into your living room with the help of an interior design expert. After you’re done reading our boho living room ideas, browse our range of sofas to get started.

What is modern boho style anyway?

The bohemian interior style is unconventional, brimming with creativity and culture. There are colours and patterns, art and rugs - lots of layers and detail everywhere you look. Every decorative piece is intentional and tells a story, or exhibits part of the homeowner’s personality. So then what is ‘modern boho’?

Modern boho interiors takes all the favourite features of original bohemian style, and presents them in a refreshed interpretation. While the traditional boho style would be super eclectic, full of bold colours with lots of layers, an updated look in a soothing neutral palette, for instance, scores high for major kickback-and-relax vibes. A modern boho living room is a great look for anyone who wants to add unique touches to their home whether it’s through accessories or with vintage accents.

1. Build your favourite palette of neutrals

Brown leather sofa in modern boho living room
Kansas 2 Seater Sofa

Full of eclectic personality, the key to taming boho style’s wild mix of patterns and colours is to start with a calm, neutral palette. Experiment with favourites like whites, greys and browns, then add a bold neutral like black as a feature colour.

It might be helpful to start with a simple brown leather sofa in a boho living room. The dark leather serves as a stylish contrast to the soft neutrals around it while staying true to that casual, lived-in vibe that boho style is known for. If you want to know more about styling a neutral living room check out our guide for a more in-depth list.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and prints

Modern boho living room with prints and textiles
Harlow 3 Seater Sofa (image credit:@themistrys_at_no2)

Textures and layers play a key role in bringing this interior trend to life, so don’t be afraid to mix them up! For anyone who loves Moroccan-inspired prints and textiles, it’s a great opportunity to decorate around your sofa with these accents.

In a modern boho living room, the focus should be to create a relaxing environment. With a neutral centrepiece in place, accessorise with a mix of soft materials like comfy cushions, wool throws or faux fur rugs for warmth and cosiness. For more style inspiration, check out how one of our customers Heena styled her boho living room with our Harlow sofa.

3. Mix classic style with modern boho

Modern boho living room with classic decor
Hampton Corner Sofa

There isn’t a set rule on what type of sofa style you should pick for a boho living room so you can bring different styles together for an eclectic look. For example, a lovely ivory sofa in a Chesterfield style sets the tone for a charming classic meets modern space with a vintage touch.

Choose a light neutral palette to set the scene for a modern and fresh living room space. The pared back environment presents a clean slate where a print artwork or geometric rug can be used to introduce subtle pops of colour.

4. Get groovy by combining boho with retro style

Modern boho living room with bold retro accents
Credit: Melanie Jade Design

Since a modern boho living room is all about mixing and layering, why not combine it with retro décor? The key to this boho living room idea is not to overdo it. Pick what retro element you would like to feature in your boho living room such as mixed materials and geometric shapes. Then layer with boho accents like a shaggy rug or layering your sofa with cosy textures.

Colour also plays a big role in bringing these two décor styles together. “Colour helps enhance the eclectic and vibrant vibe of bohemian style,” says Melanie Boyden of Melanie Jade Design. “Pink and green are particularly important in this interior trend because they introduce a bit of nature into your home, but also showcase your creativity!”

“Pink helps bring a soft, warm and almost playful like tone which is the epitome of the spirit of boho, while green adds a refreshing and calming touch, helping you to connect with the outdoors. This is a key element in boho décor. Both pink and green work harmoniously, promoting a creative, relaxed, yet lively interior which is quintessentially boho.”

Melanie Boyden

(Credit: Melanie Jade Design)

Melanie Boyden

Melanie Jade Design


Melanie is a home décor, interior design enthusiast and sometimes DIYer. Nature, biophilic design and boho interiors feature heavily on her website and social media sites, often featuring articles on how to use colour, nature and pattern in the home. With green being her favourite colour!

5. Combine mid century modern and boho style

Modern boho living room with mid century pieces
Credit: Melanie Jade Design

Sometimes bringing different decor styles together helps balance out their differences. “Mid century design is known for clear lines, gentle curves and a love for natural materials and craftsmanship,” Melanie explains. “Boho is characterised by eclectic design and creativity, featuring colourful textures, patterns and mix of natural and vintage elements.”

Start out by highlighting their common traits - what’s not to love about two décor styles that share a love of wood? “Both styles incorporate natural materials, with different layers of boho style complementing the more subdued and monotoned mid century pieces in a room,” Melanie says. “This can help a room feel curated and cosy, exactly the look I always try to achieve when designing a room.” For example, incorporate wood not just through flooring but also through chic storage options like a built-in wooden cupboard. Opt for a relaxing colour palette like sage green to complete the cosy look.

6. Incorporate indoor plants and natural materials

Modern boho living room with indoor plants and natural materials
Harlow 2 Seater Sofa

Another element that’s key to a boho style living room is plants. Bring the outdoors in by adding greenery for freshness and a burst of life - trailing plants and creepers invite a little free-spirited wildness that complements a modern boho space.

Additionally, natural materials like wood, ceramic and rattan exude warmth and are texturally rich. Seagrass planters and rattan accessories are great choices for a bohemian interior. You could also add a modern tassel wall hanging as a crafty nod to the relaxed bohemian spirit.

7. Sunlight is the best light

Boho style living room with lots of natural lighting
Milton Dining Table Collection

Natural lighting is one of the best ways to set the mood of your boho style living room. Sunlight’s natural glow enhances little details like raw textures and surfaces, and casts a wonderful warmth on neutral tones. If sunlight is limited in your home, look for artificial options. Find that sweet spot between warm and cool light that makes all the difference. Mix both hues throughout the home and have dimmers so you can adjust their levels. Cooler hues are energising and great as functional lighting, while a warmer hue is more atmospheric, suitable as ambient lighting.

8. Set the mood with soft lighting

Modern boho living room with soft lighting
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa

Aside from natural lighting, set the boho-inspired mood with soft lighting in the living room. Go for a big rattan lamp or pendant lights to bring out the natural and airy vibe of modern boho style. You can even take it a step further with string lights or wall sconces. If you really want to be unique, choose rattan lamps with intricate detailing or even better yet look for vintage pieces to decorate your boho style living room.

9. Accent your living room with artwork

Boho style living room with colourful and abstract artwork
Baltimore 3 Seater Sofa

Artwork is one way to perk up your living room interiors no matter what décor style. For a boho style living room, it’s really up to you what aesthetic you’re going for. Do you want your artwork to stand out or blend in? If you’re going all out, showcase boho’s eclectic side with a gallery wall in the living room. It’s a good idea to choose prints or artwork in different colours and sizes that contrast the most with the backdrop to create a dynamic display. Since it’s a modern boho living room, go for an asymmetrical layout to showcase individuality and boho’s unconventional side.

For those who want to keep it simple with artwork, choose abstract artwork in neutral tones for a relaxed feel. If you’re bored of beige and grey tones, go for greens or blues for a light pop of colour without being over the top.

10. Put your personal treasures on display

Boho living room with personal touches
Furniture And Choice

Boho interior style is a fun one that encourages artistic expression and decorating with personality. Showcase trinkets from an exotic flea market reminiscent of an enjoyable trip, or artwork bought at an antique store as great cultured talking points. Take the opportunity to show what sparks joy and is meaningful to you! If you love playing the guitar for instance, incorporate it into a cosy corner of your space. The modern boho style is carefree and comfortable - a sweet spot where calmness and creativity meet.

We hope you enjoyed reading our boho living room ideas and may inspire you to decorate your own home. Interested in more articles like this? Check out our modern living room ideas guide or small living room ideas guide for more stylish inspiration.

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