Spare room ideas for every home

Not sure what to do with your spare room? Make the best out of this extra space in your home with our inspiring spare room ideas.

Do you have a spare room that you use as a dumping ground for old furniture and forgotten belongings? Well it’s time to revamp that space! Think of your spare room as a blank canvas brimming with potential and get ready to transform it with our quick and easy spare room ideas.

Whether you want to create a productive home office, a chill-out room, or an entertainment zone to have fun with your friends and family, we've got you covered. From practical tips on organising to spare room decorating ideas, you can breathe new life into your home, and who knows, your spare room might become your new favourite spot in the house.

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1. Use your spare room as a home office

Spare room used as a home office
Addison Dining Table, Riva Dining Chair

With remote work becoming increasingly common, using your spare room as a home office is a practical and popular choice. All you need is a spacious desk, a comfy chair, and plenty of shelving to keep things tidy. Add personal touches like artwork and indoor plants to elevate the ambience and boost your productivity.

As for aesthetics, go down the minimalist route with light and airy whites contrasting black accents if you want a contemporary look. For a classic study style, use wooden furniture, thick carpets, and plenty of dark browns and greens. Top tip: you can repurpose a dining table by using it as your work desk.

2. Turn it into your creative studio

Creative corner in a spare room with wooden desk and chair
Milton Dining Table, Kendal Dining Chair,

For those with a passion for art, crafting, or DIY projects, an area in your spare room can be transformed into a creative studio. Set up a large table and stock up on supplies for your favourite hobby, whether it's painting, sewing, woodworking, or candle making. Ensure there’s plenty of storage for your tools and materials by installing wall-mounted shelves or using organiser bins.

Need some inspiration? Use a corkboard or a wire mesh memo board to pin up images or quotes that spark your creativity. Decorate the area with plenty of colours to awaken your imagination and hang frame clusters with inspiring works from your favourite artists.

For flooring, choose laminate as it’s much easier to clean in the event of spillages during those messy creative sessions.

3. Convert it into an entertainment zone

Spare room with a comfy sofa set and media wall
Baltimore Sofa Set

Turn your spare room into an entertainment zone where you can have fun with your friends and family. Install a TV or projector screen and create a cosy seating area with an array of scatter cushions. Choose a sofa set or recliner sofa to experience ultimate comfort.

To recreate that home cinema vibe, paint the wall where your TV is with a dark colour like black or navy blue. Dark colours help frame the TV and draw your eyes to the screen.

If you’re more of a gamer, deck out the place with your consoles and devices, and set up a full-on gaming station instead.

4. create the perfect chill out room

Bright and airy spare room
Furniture And Choice

Finding moments of tranquillity is essential for your mental health, especially in today’s fast paced world. So, why not turn your spare room into a chill out room? Make it a dedicated place for relaxation where you can unwind, meditate, or practice yoga.

Fill the space with plush cushions, soft rugs, and calming décor elements like candles and potted plants. Add a comfy armchair or a cosy bean bag to level up those chill vibes. When it comes to the colour scheme, you can’t go wrong with a clean white palette. However, if you prefer a touch of colour, earthy neutrals or soothing shades like soft blue are great options too. For more ideas on how to create a chill out room, read our guide.

5. Add an armchair and make it a reading nook

Reading nook in a spare room with a comfy armchair
Baltimore Armchair

Escape into the world of literature by transforming your spare room into a cosy reading nook. Start with a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge then pile on comfy cushions and throws. Add a bookcase filled with your favourite reads and use warm lighting to create a cosy ambience. Complete this perfect reading spot with a side table to hold your cup of tea or coffee while you immerse yourself in the pages of a good book.

6. Set up the space as your indoor garden

Spare room used as an indoor garden featuring a wooden desk
Milton Dining Table

Are you an aspiring plant parent? If so, one spare room decorating idea for you is to transform your space into a lush indoor garden. This will add a nice touch of nature to your home. Start by filling your room with potted plants and hanging baskets, then paint the walls green to match the greenery. For a vertical plant wall, install wall-mounted shelves and put your smaller plants on it.

Don’t miss out on clever spare room office ideas like this one. You can easily convert this space into a WFH spot, just bring in a desk and chair and you’re set! Go the extra mile and use wooden furniture if you want to match the room’s nature theme. If going all out with plants is your thing, find out more with our maximalist décor ideas guide.

7. Mix and match for a multipurpose spare room

Room divider between bedroom and workspace
Ricco Dining Chair

There's no reason to choose just one of these spare room ideas – you can mix and match to create a multi-functional space. For example, if you want to add a creative corner in your home office or chill-out room, you can keep projects and purposes separate with a room divider. A folding screen or shelving unit will do the job perfectly. Alternatively, you can also use different rugs to zone and ‘divide’ the room without making the space feel closed in.

8. Decluttering is the key

Cosy armchair in a spare room
Baltimore Armchair

If your spare room is currently used as a store room, then everything that's been dumped in there will need a new home. Don't be distracted, and use it as an excuse to declutter. If something's made its way into an odds-and-ends corner, ask yourself – do you need it at all? Be ruthless and your spare room will be your dream space in no time!

Ideas for spare room FAQs

What can I turn my spare room into?

You can turn your spare room into a home office, a creative studio, a chill out room, or a guest bedroom for visitors. Choose based on your interests and needs.

How do you style a spare living room?

You can style a spare living room with colourful cushions, a stylish rug, and statement pieces like a funky table lamp or quirky wall art.

How do you style a small spare room?

Style a small spare room by opting for multi-functional furniture like a fold-out desk with storage. Use a light colour palette for an airy feel and add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

What is a spare room in a house?

A spare room in a house is an extra room that isn’t designated for a specific purpose. It's a versatile space that can be adapted to meet your changing needs and preferences.

With these spare room ideas, you can now turn any unused space into a cherished part of your home. Remember to have fun in the process, and happy room revamping! Looking for more ideas on how to decorate the rest of your home? Discover our small living room ideas guide to find out more.

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