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Indoor plants spruce up the home by giving your space a fresh and lively appeal. They add a sunny vibe to the home especially since we’re now in the depths of winter...

So why not take the opportunity to get crafty with a leafy green wall display? If that feels too ambitious, fret not - we’ve collaborated with Zosia Berkieta-Lewis from The Plant Room who is an expert in all things lush, green and innovative.

Make your foliage dreams come true with this step-by-step guide on how to create a staghorn fern wall display in your living room or kitchen.

Zosia Berkieta-Lewis

Founder of botanical design studio The Plant Room in Leeds

Photography credit to Helena Dolby

What You'll Need

Tools needed to create staghorn fern living wall
  • 4 square wood boards
  • hammer
  • nails
  • sphagnum moss
  • fishing wire
  • hessian fabric
  • picture hooks and wire
  • upholstery nails
  • 4 staghorn ferns
  • pencil

Step 1

Start off by sealing your wooden boards with wax. This is to protect the surface of the wood and to maintain an even finish.

Step 2

Prepping the back of the boards for hanging before attaching the wire

Prep the wooden boards for hanging by attaching the wire to the back of the wood.

Step 3

Tracing the outline of the plant pot on the wooden board with a pencil

Next, trace the outline of the plant pot on the front part of the wooden boards with a pencil. The outline should be about 2.5cm wider than the circumference of your plant.

Step 4

Hammering 8 nails along the pencilled outline of the wooden boards

To secure your plants, hammer in 8 nails along the pencilled outline of the wooden boards. Leave about 1cm space between each nail.

Step 5

Start decanting the plant from its pot, making sure to separate the soil

Start decanting the plant from its pot to prepare it for mounting.

Step 6

Dunk the staghorn fern in water to keep it fresh

Dunk the fern in water before you assemble it on the wooden board. We’ve got to keep it fresh!

Step 7

Place the staghorn fern on the wooden board then encase base with wet sphagnum moss

With potting soil already at the bottom, place the staghorn fern on the wooden board within the circle of nails. Then encase wet sphagnum moss around the base of the plant while making sure it stays in the circle.

Step 8

Use fishing wire to protect the sphagnum moss

Use fishing wire to protect the moss by attaching it to the wood board and wrapping it around the nails. If it’s possible, you can try wrapping it diagonally across the staghorn fern leaves.

Step 9

Wrap hessian fabric around the plant then use upholstery nails to fasten it

Keep your moss and soil from spilling out of the frame with the help of hessian fabric. Next, cut the hessian fabric to fit the size of the plant and wrap it around the soil. Fasten your fabric in place with the help of upholstery nails. Repeat the steps with the rest of the staghorn ferns and wooden boards. You’re almost done!

Step 10

Nail the boards into position on the wall

And finally, nail the boards into position on your wall. You will need about 2 nails to secure each wooden board to the wall. It’s up to you how you want to arrange the boards - what’s great about this display is that you can put your own spin to it.

Bonus Tips

Spray the plants weekly, dunk it in water for 24 hours once a month

Care for your plants by spraying them weekly. And to make sure you’re giving them your tender, loving care, dunk it in water for 24 hours once a month.

Photography by Joanne Crawford

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