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Dust off your your VHS copies of E.T, fire up some Depeche Mode, and embrace some neon, because the 80s (and nostalgia) are back in a big way, in the form of Emmy nominated Stranger Things.

This sci-fi thriller debuted on Netflix last year to rave reviews, and alongside the binge-worthy storyline and renewed interest in toaster waffles, what stood out most was the prominent, pervasive sense of nostalgia.

In many ways, the 80s have been coming back for years now, so much so that some might say they’ve never really gone away. It’s something that music, television and social media have caught on to, with hashtags like #throwbackthursdays and #flashbackfridays still going strong. But how do you take the best of the 80s (all that flash!) and the worst of the 80s (all that flash!) and apply it to your home?

With the second season of Stranger Things dropping this year, we’ve put together a stylish, retro living room (and we’ve got a few subtle Easter eggs thrown in there too).

The space is styled to reflect some of the more iconic movies of the 80s, where illustration-style posters combine with contrasting hues to bold and visually stimulating results.

Stranger Things Colour PaletteStranger Things Colour Palette Room

Drawing inspiration from the Stranger Things poster, we went with dark blue walls and a stunning red leather sofa. To anchor the room’s elements together, a striped, retro-inspired rug adds interest.

If your eagle eye has been picking up a ton of Stranger Things references in this shot – you’re spot on!

Stranger Things Ghostbusters

[Image credit: Entertainment Weekly]

The framed Ghostbusters poster is a nod to the boys dressing up as the Ghostbuster gang for Halloween. We’ve also included a Thriller vinyl in the mix – the perfect song to play on repeat while waiting for Season 2.

Stranger Things Living Room

[Image credits from left to right: Furniture Choice, Dread Central]

Jonathan Byers’ camera played such a crucial role in Season 1 (no spoilers, we promise), so we included that too, along with elements like the Rubik’s cube, a Sony Walkman and white sneakers that further capture the nostalgic vibes of the 80s.

Moving on to some of the show’s signature elements; we simply cannot leave out Joyce Byers’ yellow telephone or the infamous Dungeon and Dragons dice as fun add-ons in the background. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the series, these items would still perk up a living room in need of some quirk.

Stranger Things Bicycle Fairy Lights

[Image credits from left to right: Furniture Choice, Inquisitr, justjared @ Instagram]

Lastly, we finish our journey with Stranger Things’ two most iconic props: a miniature bicycle along with the (not-so-sinister) fairy lights for full effect. They weren’t much help against the Demogorgon, but they do invoke a stylish, tasteful feel of the show – perfect if you’re planning a viewing party for Season 2.

How many Easter eggs from the show did you manage to spot from our shoot? And let us know your Halloween plans – we’ll definitely be Netflixing on our red sofa for this one!

Stranger Things Inspired Living Room