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How far would you move to find the perfect first-time buyer deal? According to our research, people in Lancashire have won the jackpot: Pendle has emerged as the best place in the country to buy your first home, and Burnley and Hyndburn round out the top three.

We asked first-time buyers what the most important factors were to them when choosing a home and put together a ranking system based on four key metrics. These were the average cost of a first-time buyer home; the percentage difference in cost between a first property and subsequent properties; average salary in the local area, and finally that area’s unemployment rate.

With the typical first house costing just £87,769, Pendle is among the most affordable places in the country. A subsequent home costs only 27% more on average than the first, making life easier for second steppers with growing families, while average salaries and employment rates are also strong.

Taken as a whole, the North of England is the clear winner: with all four metrics taken into consideration, it’s decidedly first-time buyer-friendlier than the Midlands and the South.

Using our rankings, we’ve created a map showing Britain’s most attractive places for first-time buyers, along with graphs that show how well each locality performs.

first time buyer hotspots

Is your hometown among them, and would you consider moving further afield to bag a better deal?