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Gentlemanly, classic, luxurious, intellectual, sexy… Freudian? It might not seem like all those words could describe any one thing or person, much less a sofa. But when it comes to the Chesterfield, all bets are off.

Its roots stem from the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Phillip Stanhope, a man by all accounts known for the finer things in life (a patron of Voltaire, no less) and a lover of well-made furniture. But apart from some possibly apocryphal deathbed tales about how the distinctive deep-buttoned design of this leather sofa came to be, no one’s really sure how it all began.

What we do know is that the term Chesterfield was at one point so widely used, that it came to be shorthand for sofas in general, or couches in North America. With that said though, the Chesterfield sofa is not one that could be easily mistaken for another. Its name immediately evokes a leather sofa with arms and back of the same height (perfect for a gentleman to sit nobly on, according to the Earl – if you believe the stories), deep-buttoned tufting, elegantly rolled arms and their distinctive wooden legs.

Brown Chesterfield Sofa
Hampton Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa

You can still find many Chesterfields that hit that mark, and they are perfect for traditional British flavour in any room, managing to be both rather posh but also cosy and welcoming (and more affordable than they used to be!). This holds true whether your home is more Downton Abbey or 221B Baker Street.

Sherlock Sofa

There’s also something to be said for being able to combine something classic with a twist of the modern – perhaps a classic Chesterfield with a patterned pillow or a throw, or set against a geometric rug.

But if it’s more than just a twist on the modern you want, well. Anything that has endured the centuries and continues to be regarded as a design icon doesn’t get to be that way by staying the same. Nowadays there are a wide variety of shapes and colours, and no longer is leather the default material used. There are fabrics both rich and light for different looks and tastes, which is why it’s had a bit of a comeback lately, as a sofa suitable for all occasions. For instance:

Black Leather Chesterfields
Hampton Black Leather Chesterfield Sofas

You could start with a classic black leather Chesterfield and pair it up with bold colours for an ultra modern look.

Ivory Chesterfields
Hampton Ivory Leather Chesterfield Sofas

For a change, ivory leather is as traditional, but lightens up the room and fits into the natural, creamy colour schemes of a modern living room. You could get the same look but with even more updated take with a fabric finish for a more natural, earthy feel:

Chesterfield Arm
Oatmeal fabric

If your living room has a strong and very contemporary design identity – A Chesterfield can even look at home in an industrial environment, adding a touch of comfort to an otherwise minimalist space.

Industrial Chesterfield
Industrial Chic

On the flipside of that, it also works really well in a casual, warm and bohemian setting.

Artisan Style Sofa

In fact, the Chesterfield is at home anywhere – a beach, a football stadium, the park!


The proof is in the pudding, they say and the pudding in this case is Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, where our Hampton sofa was recently featured as part of #SofaWatch. Not only did it look equally comfortable and comfy out in the wild as it does back home, it travelled hundreds of miles up and down the country and was sat on by hundreds of people (sometimes even 30 at once), and doesn’t look any worse for wear.

The fact that it’s still going, still comfy and still cream (!) proves that it’s more than up for anything you can throw at it. Yes, even that two year old who’s just finished an entire chocolate bar and is even now plotting where to place his little smeary hands in the living room. Even him.

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