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Ever wanted to create a reading nook in your home? Just follow our 3 simple steps and you’ll be curled up with a good book in no time.
Reading has loads of great benefits: it reduces stress, improves memory, expands your vocabulary, and it’s a lot of fun! That’s why to celebrate World Book Day we’ve come up with easy ways for everyone to snuggle up and enjoy their favourite book in their very own quiet space.

Create Your Own Reading Nook In 3 Easy Steps


1. Location, location, location

First thing’s first – decide on a spot for your nook. There are 3 options to choose from:

The window

A great location, light enough for reading and provides the perfect back drop to your imagination.

Window Seat

Window-seats not an option and don’t fancy building one yourself? Movable seating does the job just fine!

Window Seat Nook

Or even easier, some cosy seat cushions on the floor in front of a window in a quiet room.

Window Cushion

Under the stairs

A great way to utilise the extra space that was never really useful for anything else.

Under Stairs Nook
Cushion Source


Under Stairs Nook
The Womens Room

Shelves on the walls for books mean you don’t lose out on valuable storage space in the process.

Under Stairs Nook

In the corner

Don’t have a lot of space? An empty corner is all you need for this option…

Reading Corner

For a simple yet very effective reading corner, all you need is a rug, shelves and some cushions. (Oh and of course, don’t forget the books!)

Corner Nook


2. Set the scene

Ok, so you’ve decided on the location for your reading nook, now you need to make it nice and cosy.

Creating comfort

Small mattresses or the cushions from an old sofa or day bed work brilliantly.

Daybed Cushion Nook
Mattress Nook

Big fluffy rugs, duvets and plenty of scatter cushions are a must.

Tent Reading Nook
mommo design
Cosy Nook

Cushions Nook

Under cover

Create a private space to hide away in by using curtains.

Bed Nook
Mommy Shorts

These super spaces aren’t just for kids:

Curtain Nook

You don’t have to use curtains to get this effect, indoor tents make magical reading nooks:

Tent Reading Nook
Pillow Thought
Reading Tent


3. Get creative

Now all that’s left to do is to add the finishing touches. (This is the best part!) Here are some examples to give you a bit of inspiration:

String lights

String Lights


Curtain Reading Nook

String lights and curtains

Curtain Lights
Corner Curtain
Little Co


Wall Stickers


Corner Shelves
Shelf Nook


Peter Rabbit Cushion
Harry Potter Cushions


Book Sign
Hobbit Poster
Hunger Games Poster
Princess Snap

The possibilities are endless!

Reading Nook
Reading Nook

What are you waiting for?

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