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Gather up your dark furs and practice your best Jon Snow impression, as the saying goes - winter is coming.

While we’re not prepping for our watch on the Wall anytime soon, the arrival of autumn sparks a change in our interior decor nonetheless. Moving away from light summery Scandi interiors, to darker, more elegant options, we’ve put our own spin on this minimal trend while holding on to the fundamental appeals of Nordic design.

So whether you’re a longtime fan of the Scandinavian aesthetic, or just looking to create a vivid, striking statement at home, we’ve got a collection of our best tips on getting this look.

One: Going from light to dark

A collage of a light grey sofa in a white space with a black sofa in a dark space.
Adored-vintage , Furniture Choice

Keep things true to the Scandi vibes by emphasising on clean lines and the timeless silhouettes of the furniture, as well as quality wood and construction. The trick is to create the right mood and feel with these darker colours for a good dose of dimension and character without going down the goth route.

Do away with creams and cool neutrals for richer, more intriguing colours like grey, burgundy and emerald. And if you’re looking to add a spot of texture and colour, a striking orange (faux) fox fur throw will stand out perfectly against the darker shades.

(left) A minimal work desk and white artwork against a burgundy wall. (right) A white dining arrangement with green elements against a dark green wall.
Elephant in the room, Furniture Choice

We’ve touched on feature walls as a quick way to introduce colour and interest to your home, and this trend is a perfect opportunity to experiment. Swap out light colours for bold, majestic shades like burgundy or forest green - they play well with a variety of colours as well as brass tones for a dark, glamorous appeal.

A dark teal sofa and a gold coffee table in a matching dark teal room.

Accessories can do a lot of heavy lifting too, but don’t go (too) small. Consider a set of throw cushions in darker colours to really set the mood while introducing a cosy element to your home, or perhaps investing in a side or coffee table.

Two: Include geometric elements

A dark dining setting with plants and clay elements against a burgundy wall.
Furniture Choice, Geometric shelves from Posh Totty

Scandinavian style is all about its simple, minimalist lines and sharp edges, and holding on to that sense of shape can help to anchor a room’s design even as other elements shift around.

You could include geometric artwork, but a lot of impact can also come from considering your larger pieces of furniture. A table with strong, solid black lines, and chairs with geometric stitching can really make a statement.

Black dining setting with assorted decor and wired light, against a burgundy wall.
Furniture Choice

Otherwise, a smaller but no less striking effect can come from unexpected places, such as in light fixtures and vases.

Shop the look below:
A collage of minimal furniture and decor pieces.
1. Furniture Choice Eden table and Leon chairs, 2. Furniture Choice Space table and Renzo chairs, 3. Etsy Triangle wall shelves, 4. H&M Textured vase, 5. John Lewis Moet Knitted Throw in Dark Spruce, 6. Wayfair Helena Grey Area Rug, 7. Made Hive light fixture

Three: Switch up the materials

(left) Light grey sofa and multicoloured painting in an airy space. (right) Dark sofa with assorted decor.
Pinterest, Ems Design Blogg

Lighter woods, airy high ceilings and cream fabrics - these are all hallmarks of a Scandinavian summer home. While we’ve talked about swapping the colour scheme, texture has a big role to play here too.

Switching from a neutral, soft-toned fabric sofa to a black leather sofa instantly changes the look of your living room, and the same rules apply for the dining room too, with oak elements giving way to modern, black glass tables.

And since you may not want an opulent, moody look year round, staying true to the simplicity of the Scandinavian silhouette ensures that you have a versatile interior that will easily update from season to season.

Three: Don’t forget nature

(left) Black sofa with assorted decorations in a dark burgundy room. (right) Clay dinnerware and gold cutlery with a deep orange towel.
Furniture Choice, Bridget Bodenham

Natural elements are a huge part of getting the Nordic look - usually in the form of furs, potted plants, and lots of sunlight. But how do we incorporate that here?

Well for starters, let’s keep the furs - but in different tones, such as pewter, dark grey, or rich, autumnal orange, adding texture and a tactile touch to your rooms.

Another unexpected way to do this is to make use of a material that has a strong organic, elemental vibe, such as clay. Sculpted grey vases or even clay tableware add a touch of the handmade and the outdoors, while still retaining a strong aesthetic point of view.

We’re also huge fans of just a bit of quirk - and you can get that with animal-inspired decor, such as a statement horn shaped lamp (And as a bonus: no animals were harmed in the making of this lamp).

Shop the look below:
A collage of dark and light home furniture and accessories.
1 . Furniture Choice Black mission leather sofa, 2. Reynard Faux Fox Longpile Fur, Mohair Bear Making Supplies, 3. Furniture Choice Enzo black sofa, 4. Anthropologie Celestial serving bowl, 5. Furniture Choice Newton table (black), 6. David Hunt Lighting Kudu Black Gold Table Lamp

What do you think about our seasonal take on the popular Scandi trend? Share with us your favourite idea from our post, or if you’ve a style question that we did not answer, comment below!

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