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Now, by this, we don't mean that it's time to offload everything into huge plastic tubs - in fact, we mean quite the opposite.

We've had a little rummage around some of our favourite websites and blogs to find our choice selection of ideas to get you storing successfully in no time at all - though be sure to get in touch if you or someone you know has done something equally as clever!

Pen pots and desk tidies

The adage that you can never find a pen when you need one will be long gone if you dedicate a little time to making yourself a new storage system for your desk. The clever pair over at Upcycled Treasures have made use of some old tin cans and a plank of wood to create something very modern to store their stationary in. If the minimalist look isn't quite your style, don't be afraid to get creative with the tin decoration!

Before and after of DIY tin can project.

Books, books and more books

Any avid bookworm will understand the stress of finding space for new additions to the already massive collection. E-readers might well be popular, but if you're a lover of the old fashioned reading method, then emergency measures might have to be taken! Placing shelves above doorways, or if you're lucky with high ceilings, running across the length of the room, offers a space to house your books without taking up valuable floorspace. If you really want to make a feature out of your books, you could always embrace the brilliant stairway bookcase!

Shelves on the underside of a white staircase.

Pots and pans

Anyone who empties the dishwasher or routinely cooks in the kitchen will know how frustrating pan lid storage is! The pans themselves stack neatly within each other - but what about the lids? Too often they're found rattling inside and rolling out of cupboards, but no longer! Consider some of these creative ways from Good Housekeeping to organise your pan lids in one place. Not only is the storage rather elegant, it can only help make life easier!

Pot lid holder.
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