Style it like a superhero

Just in time for superhero season, we compiled a series of fun ideas and inspiration to get a cool, stylish interior.

The trailers have dropped, the weather is warming up, and the Avengers are assembling - superhero movie season is officially here!

And of course, we had to get in on the Marvel™ action. With punchy colours, larger-than-life prints and a pageful of comic book references, we’re mixing geeky and modern styles to create a space that will satisfy the inner fanboy (and girl).

While Iron Man’s arc reactor, Thor’s Mjolnir and Cap’s shield are all iconic looks in their own right, the idea of going all out with bold patterns and thematic decor might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here we have tips on nailing both a chic, subtle homage, and a striking, all-out look. Scroll on to see what we’re talking about!

Take it slow (and small) with practical yet unique elements

Images of superhero-themed decor.
Hello Blogzine, Artori Design

The trick with bold styles like this is to start off with small accessories. This allows for more flexibility, especially if you’re just experimenting. Another plus is that it can offer a quick glimpse ahead to the finished look if you’re planning to layer more elements in the future.

This is a perfect opportunity to pay homage and add subtle comic references around the home. For instance, play with the famous silhouettes of Batman and Superman in nifty items like bookends and mirrors to slip in a favourite superhero or two.

Make a bold statement with larger thematic decor

If you want to take it to the next level (without literally pretending you live in Stark Tower), then this might just be your middle ground.

Collage of superhero-themed living rooms.
Apartment Therapy, Furniture And Choice

Superhero posters or artwork are a solid, easy choice to jazz up your space - you can even get crafty with your very own gallery wall - going with comic book images instead of movie posters adds vintage charm and colour. If you have a comic collection you’re proud of, displaying it in old school magazine baskets would do the trick too.

Or you could opt for framed artwork, with instantly recognisable superhero emblems providing a pop art sensibility. With this look, even a simple postcard or drawing can be instantly elevated by tasteful framing - fantastic if you’re on a budget.

Study desk against a feature wall.
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Speaking of budgets: DIY plays a huge part in this theme as hunting for suitable accessories can often be difficult and pricey. The best solution is to create something unique that you can proudly put on display, such as this unapologetically eye-catching canvas, or since we’re talking about comic books - something with decoupage.

With this Wakanda-inspired study space, we wanted to create something that would stand out against the more muted, darker tones inspired by Black Panther, and this incredible superhero-themed chair offers a fun, pleasing contrast.

Go for a bold transformation

Captain America-inspired bedroom.
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This approach takes the superhero theme to the next level by ramping things up on a bigger, more daring scale. The key here is identifying the key elements of the theme you’d like to work with. For our Captain America-inspired bedroom, we chose the main colours of red, blue and white as well as the design of his famed vibranium shield.

The clean lines of the star within red and white concentric circles make it a striking, yet classic choice for a feature wall, while blue sheets and a red alarm clock round out the theme. (One could also argue that the influence of the Winter Soldier is firmly present in the sleek grey bed and wardrobe, but we digress.)

A white and blue superhero-inspired living room and study.
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There are other ways to go for an all-or-nothing interior without committing to massive makeovers. A little goes a long way, so style your living space with throws, artwork, cushions, or even a statement coffee table.

Whether in terms of colour, silhouette, or decor, the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagining your favourite superhero in your space - adaptable for all ages, spaces and nerdiness, this look is an instant boost of brightness and fun in the home.

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