Style Guide: How to embrace texture

Follow our guide and explore how texture can transform your home into a stylish, cosy haven.

It’s something we just seem to know intuitively, nubby throws and soft rugs feel and look good, sculptural vases and ornaments look great. But what’s really behind this design instinct?

The answer may lie in a little home decor secret that’s hit the trends in a big way: texture.

Starting from the Hygge style of furs and candles and knitted socks, the concept of incorporating cosy, softer pieces in the home has stuck around. This has also grown to include textures both hard and soft, visual and tactile, for a look that’s comforting and stylish.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to embrace texture in your home, while keeping it fresh and not overdone.

1. Think Textiles

Cord fabric sofa with fluffy pillows in a cosy living room
Furniture And Choice corner sofas

The easiest way to create texture in a room is to think of different textiles. Knits, woven throws, pillows, and soft faux furs can make a space feel comfortable and welcoming. All of these items can be used in the living room or the bedroom, so you can swap them around from time to time to refresh the look of your space.

Stylish bed in a warm and cosy bedroom
Astor Bed

Just as bright colours can serve as a design accent, strong graphic prints or lush fabrics can also do the same job. Layer your plush pillows or patterned cushions on top of one another to create a spot that’s cosy and snug.

Velvet blue sofa in a modern living room
Hampton 3 Seater Sofa

You could also choose a larger element in the room like a sofa or a rug to be a textural anchor. A velvet sofa, with its sheen and soft feel, would really work here. Choose it in a colour like deep blue or silver for an extra luxurious feel. A good rug can also work miracles for anchoring a room and adding a dose of subtle style.

2. Opposites Attract

Classy white and silver dining set in a luxe dining room
Savoy and Perth Dining Set

Another way to get this look without too much effort is to play with contrasts. Juxtaposing a design element with its opposite creates a tension that immediately draws one’s eyes and attention.

Elegant bedroom featuring a cosy bed and a chunky knit throw over it
Lexington Bed

For example, pairing a sculptural metal table with soft, natural plants and greenery, or a chunky knit throw over a minimal, modern bed.

3. Go Natural

Bright living room with a plush L-shaped sofa
Baltimore L-Shape Sofa

Nature is a wonderful inspiration when you want to add character and texture to your home. Different plants can give an entirely different look and feel to the space. Lush flowers give colour and softness, while cacti and succulents are perennially interesting in all their different forms and shapes. Bonus tip: dried flowers take no effort whatsoever, and can be quite chic too!

For strong visual impact with a serving of tropical holiday vibes, consider rattan furniture. Its woven, artisanal look imparts lots of character to a space.

4. Visual Cues

Marble effect dining table and velvet chairs in a monochrome dining room
Florence and Kensington Dining Set

We eat with our eyes first, so the saying goes. The same could be said for how we appreciate the world around us and our homes, with our eyes first. That’s why the overall look of a space is the first thing we’ll notice. Striking pieces of wall art, statement lights, and decorative vases can give a strong visual impact to any room, especially when they have a unique shape or silhouette that tempts touch.

Now you can add character, warmth, and depth to your home by following this style guide. So get creative and transform your living space, one texture at a time.

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