Colour Report: Going for gold

Not too much, not too little - this glitzy look is best enjoyed in subtle doses.

Next to the emergence of millennial pink, gold is also making a fresh comeback in the home. From its roots as a coveted decorative and cosmetic element in ancient Egypt, it is now widely used in fashion and the home for that special Midas touch and flair where needed.

White sofa in a living room accented with gold decorations.
Furniture And Choice

This warm metal is a definite show-stealer, but when it comes to styling a space, less is always more. This metallic shade works best as an accent. For instance, gold frames or legs can elevate a table (or chair) to become a truly chic centrepiece in the dining room.

Luxurious and striking, gold is also a great choice for smaller items like occasional tables, allowing them to stand out as stylish pieces without being passed off as just another item of furniture.

Decorating with gold

A glossy white dining set with gold decorations and ornaments.
Furniture And Choice

For the colour-shy who still wish to experiment with some bling, a striking arrangement of gold bowls and decor on the dining or coffee table might be just the thing. And for a chic statement, gold-dipped tableware is a perfect way to add some interest to a simple table setting.

A pale pink armchair and gold side table.
Style by Emily Henderson, Front + Main

This rich metal is also a great team player - it mixes well with other colours to create a fresh, eclectic look at home. A notable combination that shows no signs of slowing down on Instagram is gold and white for a surprisingly orderly and very trendy space. Other picture-perfect ideas to play with include gold and pastel for a little sparkle, and the oh-so-glam pairing of marble and gold.

Rose gold

A dining room with a pink chair, wooden table, and rose gold lamps.
Praise Wedding, Pantone

An elegant upgrade to everyone’s favorite muted pink, this copper-heavy shade is also experiencing an emergence since the iPhone introduced their first metallic colour ways in gold, silver and rose gold. While not as glitzy as its yellower counterpart, this shade has red undertones that bring out the warmth in cool spaces.

A white bedroom with a pink lamp and a cactus.
Mckenna Bleu

Rose gold is a standout in neutral-themed spaces, with its subtle shine bringing out the design of statement decor and lamps. And while gold is a good match for pink, rose gold is an excellent partner with mint or blues - they complement each other well enough to share the limelight in a room.

Gold against light and dark backdrops

Collage of gold decor
Furniture And Choice, The Every Girl,

Gold easily adds character and glam to most spaces, but it does have different effects against different backgrounds. Gold accents in light spaces add a dose of visual excitement - match it to furniture, appliances or tableware for a sparkly statement.

Meanwhile, traces of bling in dark rooms lend a grand touch by way of a darker and more dramatic approach. This metal stands out more prominently against dark walls, casting off warmth when hit by natural light. Light fixtures, coffee table frames and even wall mirrors would make subtle but stylish picks in gold - it’s about accessorising without being too heavy handed.

A versatile element that is also a complete showboat, the styling possibilities for gold are truly endless and unique to each person’s style preferences.

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