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In a galaxy far, far away, lived a child whose parents transformed their bedroom into an uber cool space station. Do you remember what your childhood dream bedroom looks like? Here’s your chance to make your kid’s bedroom dreams come true.

Create a lush jungle scenery filled with wild animals, transport them deep into the ocean, or build a personal library - read on for more fun kids bedroom ideas!

1. Outer space awesomeness

Space-themed kids bedrooms in blue and grey.
Casa EstadaoTarget

Create an outer space ambience with colours like navy blue, black, white, and grey. An easy technique (as you’ll see repeatedly along this list) is to use wallpaper in your chosen theme. Little accessories like a rocket shaped pillow and rocket marquee lamp add some quirkiness while being practical. Using a themed duvet cover and pillowcase set is another easy way to transform a boring bedroom into outer space awesomeness. For a slightly pared back and feminine look, check out this cosmic spaces themed bedroom.

2. Whimsical wonderland

Nurseries in dusty rose and light grey respectively.
Hold the Magic My Sleepy Monkey

Add a touch of whimsy to a kids bedroom with darker pastel colours: dusty rose and a warm grey are beautiful options. Fairytales come to life with a hanging canopy tent that calls for fairy lights to add some sparkle. Then, lay around adorable soft animal toys in the same palette to complete this whimsical wonder.

3. It’s a jungle in here

Kids bedrooms decorated with jungle scene wall decal and green walls.
Project NurseryYour Home and Garden

If your child can’t get enough of lions and tigers, bring the jungle to them! Slap on some wallpaper of a tropical jungle scene, coupled with wild animal stuffed toys. You could also create a lush jungle feel by painting the walls green, hanging some artificial leaves, or using wooden furniture.

4. Ocean inspired

Ocean-inspired kids bedrooms in blue, grey, and turquoise.
CircuDana Decals

Blue, white, and grey are your go-to colours for an ocean themed kids bedroom. Both darker tones like navy blue or lighter ones like aquamarine work well with light wood or white furniture. Scatter some seashells and frame up illustrations of marine life as finishing touches.

5. Young book lover club

Kids bedrooms with bookshelves and reading nooks.

Encourage reading from an early age by providing them with their very own library space. Paint and install wall racks at a level where your child can reach the books easily. If the room is large enough to accommodate a built-in reading nook, that’s a fun option too. Just remember to include cute overhead lights or lamps for reading.

6. Artsy craftsy

Kids bedrooms with arts and crafts materials corner.
EbabeeCrate and Barrel

Get your kids’ creative juices flowing by making arts and crafts materials readily available. When a marker is just an arm’s reach away, it’s easy to doodle all those dreams to life! Dedicate a bright corner, then add a work table and seating. Use a pegboard for customisable storage - just hang some S hooks and a curtain rod. Your little artists can also display their masterpieces on the boards.

7. Bunk beds

Kids bedrooms with bunk beds featuring work and play space underneath.
Roomoon Growing Footprints

Bunk beds bring lots of fun while saving precious floorspace. Putting in double duty, the space under a single loft bed can be used as a cosy area or reading nook. You could even sneak in some extra storage with hidden staircase drawers. Fun bed for children plus extra storage for parents - a win for all.

8. Floral charm

Light peach and pink kids bedrooms with floral wall decals.
Ashley McFarlandSurface View

Soft and romantic, florals make such a pretty theme for a feminine bedroom. Choose a blush hue as a main colour, then add elements like rugs and duvets in the same tone. White furniture goes well with dainty floral designs, while wooden counterparts evoke a wilder, untamed feel.

9. Dinosaurs

Kids bedrooms with dinosaur decals and decor.
E-Glue DesignAdairs

Is there a little paleontologist in your home? Create a classroom vibe with a large dino skeleton wallpaper, or use chalkboard paint so they can draw their own. Common wall colour options include blue, green, and yellow to portray a natural landscape. Include a few potted plants amongst little dino figurines for a touch of the wild.

10. Indoor swings

Kids bedrooms that feature swings for playtime.
Daily Dream DecorOlli Ella

If only we knew about these when we were younger! Plan the room’s layout carefully to include space for the swing and field of swinging, then lay a thick rug underneath in case of any falls. There are single and double rope options, as well as the choice of fitting a proper baby chair to the ropes for younger ones. Active children are sure to love this fun play feature.

Best wall colours for a kid’s bedroom

  1. Grey

    : Gender neutral, elegant, and incredibly versatile. A perfect base for coastal, sci-fi, vintage, minimalist, and most other decor themes.
  2. Blue

    : A soothing colour, blue helps to lower blood pressure and heart rates, besides minimising feelings of anxiety and aggression - good for kids to calm down before bedtime.
  3. Yellow

    : Bright and happy, yellow encourages creativity, optimism, and friendliness. Choose a pastel yellow, if a bold option feels like too much.
  4. Warm neutrals like ivory and taupe

    : These tones will help your cosiness agenda and bring warmth. Perfect for a whimsical, nautical, Scandinavian, or safari-themed room, while also versatile enough for any style changes down the road.
  5. Coral

    : The orange-pink colour of 2019 encourages light-hearted activity and joy seeking, according to Pantone. Additionally, its optimistic and energising effects make coral a stylish choice for a tropical, floral, or even dinosaur themed bedroom.
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