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Children’s bedrooms are much more than a place to sleep. Kids enjoy having their own space, where they can play, make a den, read, listen to music and have sleepovers. Whether you’re looking for decorating ideas for children’s bedrooms or working out the best furniture to buy – from kids beds to bedroom storage solutions – the best approach is to combine practical considerations with fun elements that kids will love. Here are a few kid’s bedroom ideas to inspire you.

Exploring the wilds

Sleep stations, day beds with drawers and high sleeper beds take up the same amount of room as a single bed, but offer a lot more flexibility.From The Jungle Book to Dora the Explorer, kids love the idea of embarking on an expedition – and a forest or jungle bedroom theme will open up a world of adventure. Sleep stations and Bunk beds can double up as a den or base camp and you could set up a hammock for daytime naps or reading.

Show your children how to plot a route using a wall-mounted cork pin board and some old maps, adding animal stickers appropriate to the region. A wooden bookcase shaped like a tree will fit in beautifully with this theme. Issue your young explorer with a rucksack containing binoculars, a compass and a torch and encourage your children to keep a journal of their adventures.

Ellie Bunk Bed - With Storage Drawer
Ellie Bunk Bed with storage drawer from

For your child’s birthday ask a relative to sponsor an endangered animal such as a Bengal tiger – they will be sent prints, certificates, stickers and updates that can be pinned up on the wall.

Nautical-themed child’s bedroom with bunk beds

The big top

Roll up, roll up, the circus is coming to town! Whether your child longs to be a lion tamer or a trapeze artist, they’ll love the thrill of the big top as their bedroom decorating theme.

Colourful child’s bedroom

Send in the clowns and get inspiration for bold, cheerful paint and fabric colours, including red and white striped curtains to match the big top tent. Create a comfortable seating place for the audience, with a single bed that doubles up as a day bed. These also provide practical storage for everyday or dressing up clothes.

White midi sleeper bed with blue tent and slide
Stompa Play White Midi Sleeper with Blue Tent & Slide from

Choose a large round rug to represent the main ring and hang a flying trapeze from the ceiling – with a pile of cushions beneath for a soft landing. Buy some colourful hula hoops for your children to play with – they can be hung on the wall as decoration when not in use.

Stage struck

Kids love to dress up – and to act up! – and the bedroom is the best stage for your budding drama queens or kings. Storytelling is an essential part of childhood and storybooks, dressing up clothes and accessories can all be stored in underbed drawers or bed station cupboards.

A dressing table with a mirror surrounded by bulbs or fairy lights will add touch of glamour and provide a place to for kids to play with theatrical make up or face paint.

Little ballerina with mirror

At the end of the day…

Children love to let their imaginations run riot and storage beds can easily be transformed into forts, castles, dens or jungle hideouts. At the end of an adventurous day, your little superhero, fairy or monster alien can store their cape, wings or mask in the cupboards and drawers beneath their bed station and climb up the ladder to bed.

A comfortable single mattress, a milky drink and a bedtime story will soon see them sleeping soundly – and you won’t even need to tidy up after them.

Three children asleep in a bed