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One of the benefits of owning a leather sofa is that they are relatively easy to clean. However, if you dont clean your sofa on a regular basis, over time it will start to show dirt and grime, especially if you have a cream or white leather sofa.

Leather wipes

For regular treatment of everyday dirt and stains, leather wipes will do the job. Suitable for all kinds of leather apart from nubuck and suede, the wipes contain a delicate detergent that won’t alter the finish of your leather sofa.

Leather cleansing wipes

An alternative way to clean your leather sofa

If you want to give your leather sofa an all over basic clean, all you need is some warm water, a bottle of leather cleaner (or gentle hand soap but not washing up liquid or other household cleaners) and two soft cloths, one for cleaning the sofa and one for drying it.

Wiping a brown leather sofa

First add a few drops of cleaner into the water. Soak the cloth then wring it out well so it’s only slightly damp. Rub the cloth gently but firmly along the surface, taking care to go into the corners. Take the dry cloth and rub it across the sofa, to mop up any excess water and polish the surface.

Deep cleaning your leather sofa

For a more intensive, deep down clean, especially if your leather sofa has not been cleaned for some time, it’s best to use a leather care kit. Do not use this method if you have a bonded or coated leather sofa as it could ruin the finish. Care kits generally include: A foam cleaner – provides an easy and controllable method of cleaning your leather sofa, right down into the grain; A leather protector – stops the leather from drying out and cracking; provides a barrier to stains; reduces friction, which can cause marks to become ingrained.

Wiping a light brown leather sofa

Spray a little leather cleaner on to the sponge provided and wait for the foam to sink in slightly. Rub gently across the sofa, using a circular motion. With a damp cloth, remove any excess cleaner. Apply a small amount of leather protector on to a dry cloth. Rub gently into the leather until the protector is evenly spread.