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In the second part of our tour around Victoria Nicol’s home, we discover her gorgeous dining room - a space that brings traditional and modern elements together to create an elegant setting with a contemporary edge.

Similar to her living room, the dining room has all the stylish details synonymous with Victorian design and shares a joint top spot as Victoria’s favourite rooms in her lovely house. Playing with proportion and style periods, read on to find out what makes Victoria’s dining room special.

Victoria Nicol

Commercial Manager with a passion for interior design

How Victoria found the right dining table

Neutral dining room with white dining table and Philippe Starck Ghost chair

When it came to looking for a new dining table, Victoria says she picked our Chatsworth dining table which ticked all the right boxes. “I needed something solid (not glass) and preferably extending to accommodate eight, while keeping with the look of the room (and within my budget),” she says. “The Chatsworth came out on top for all the above reasons. I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect size and shape and goes perfectly with the period style of the room. And it was great value for money.”

I needed something solid (not glass) and preferably extending to accommodate eight.

Victoria switched things up by pairing the Chatsworth with six timeless Kartell Louis Ghost chairs that she’s had for the past decade. Together with the abstract cobweb pattern wallpaper in the background from Harlequin, the room has a strong intimate feel. And, with a few gorgeous ceramic vases from Kelly Hoppen Home, it creates a sophisticated and layered look with its subtle paper-effect.

Add a touch of sparkle with a chandelier

Close up shot of chandelier in the dining room

“I love chandeliers! What is key when living in a period property with high ceilings and larger proportioned rooms, is scale. Ceiling lights need to be hung at the right height and size for the room they are in. Creating layers of light is vital for the room’s atmosphere. It’s important to place different sized table lamps at varying heights throughout the room.”

Creating layers of light is vital for the room’s atmosphere.

To achieve this effect, Victoria placed five table lamps throughout her living and dining room. She adds, “Warmer toned, lower wattage bulbs create more relaxing light for living rooms and bedrooms while brighter cooler tones are great for task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.”

Do you love the stylish details of patterned wallpaper? Get inspired by Victoria’s cosy living room.

Two ways she avoided common styling mistakes

Side shot of dining room with sideboard and white dining table

For Victoria, it’s important to mix things up in her home as it prevents her space from falling into the trap of looking dull.

“Sticking to one style rigidly, from a particular period can sometimes feel ‘too much’ or old-fashioned,” she explains. “My home is around 120 years old and from the Victorian period, and while some of the décor styling is ‘in keeping’ with a more traditional ‘look’, I’ve mixed these with modern chain chandeliers and iconic design pieces like the Kartell Louis Ghost Chairs and the Bourgie Lamp to add depth, character and creates a sense of newness mixed with tradition.

Sophisticated table setting with plates, bowls and wine glasses

“I think it’s a common mistake for people to literally copy other design schemes or buy into every new ‘on-trend’ item just because everyone else has it - you see this a lot online! There’s a fine line between being inspired and copying. It actually makes me a little sad. Get to know your own taste and develop your own style. Some people may not necessarily be particularly interested in interior design but your home should be a reflection of you, your style and how you like to live and bring you joy.”

Your home should be a reflection of you, your style and how you like to live and bring you joy.

Photography by Victoria Nicol

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Shop The Look
Ghost Louis Armchair from Cult Furniture, Lekki Natasha Light Chain Chandelier from Kes Lighting, Samba Taupe Wallpaper from Graham & Brown, House by John Lewis Artificial from John Lewis, Scratch Vase from Kelly Hoppen
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