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Smart home styling for a modern interior

Smart home styling for a modern interior

Create a stylish, tech-savvy home by integrating smart devices with sleek interior design. In the bedroom, use fresh whites, soothing greys and chrome accents so smart light bulbs, charging docks and automated curtains can blend in seamlessly. Bring in a TV bed for cosy relaxation and keep the room clutter-free with a clean white wardrobe.

In the living room, opt for a chic palette of crisp white, black and chrome. Bring in modern white leather sofas with raised chrome legs that allow a robot vacuum to clean beneath them. Choose a slim, smart TV and a voice command sound bar in matching finishes, then arrange smaller devices like headphones together with pretty candles or vases in groups of threes.

For a stylish yet streamlined kitchen-diner, go for a clean look with contemporary white hues. Keep it sleek and minimal with a white gloss and chrome dining set, matching countertops and handleless cabinets. If your kitchen doubles as a work space too, set up your smart home hub on an easy-access countertop to enable smart multitasking. Curate a space that works best for you, like adding an automated coffee maker that begins brewing when you wake up.

With the ease of technology at our fingertips, modern home design now includes integration with smart devices and appliances.

Rebecca Snowden

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice (, shares 3 ways to style sleek, tech-savvy spaces with a clean finish.

Design a comfy and intuitive bedroom

Langham Ottoman Double TV Bed - £799.99, Rauch Fellbach Wardrobe with Mirror - £549.99 -

Begin with a palette of fresh whites, chic greys and chrome accents in the bedroom. Smart devices typically come in these colours, making integration easy with this calm and airy palette. “A light grey electronic alarm clock-cum-phone charging dock blends in nicely beside a grey bed, for instance. And smart light bulbs fit into most lighting designs while allowing you to easily change up the mood in the room,” explains Rebecca.

“If you have a wind down routine, take that into account too. For example, a TV bed sounds indulgent but can be quite practical for a modern lifestyle. Especially if you enjoy guided meditations before sleep or even just to cosy up with a feel-good series.”

Langham Ottoman Double TV Bed - £799.99 -

Bring in warmth through soft furnishings like a fabric bed frame, cosy wool throws and curtain layers. “Automated curtains are a lovely smart feature for the bedroom so you can wake up with the gentle sunrise streaming in if that’s something you’d enjoy,” she adds.

Besides comfy materials, clear surfaces and minimal clutter promote a calming feel. “A chic white wardrobe with a full-length mirror instantly brightens a space. Match it with white gloss and chrome bedside drawers as stylish and cohesive storage solutions,” says Rebecca.

Style a savvy living room for effortless relaxation

Baltimore 2 Seater Sofa - £549.99, Roma Coffee Table - £199.99 -

Get a chic, sleek look in the living room by keeping to a palette of crisp white, black and chrome. The TV is usually the largest smart appliance on display, but there are models disguised to look like framed art when not in use. “Pair with a slim voice command soundbar in a matching finish, then group smaller gadgets like headphones and humidifiers with other pretty objects like candles and vases,” she advises. Arrange them in groups of threes for a pleasing, decorative effect.

Baltimore 2 Seater Sofa - £549.99, Roma Coffee Table - £199.99 -

Bring a modern feel with white leather sofas that feature raised chrome legs. “Besides reducing visual weight and making a space feel airy, their raised profile also allows a robot vacuum to zip underneath for easy cleaning,” says Rebecca. Complete this clean look with white cabinets and a white marble and chrome coffee table, then bring in softness with cushions, a rug and some fresh greenery.

Turn a kitchen into smart home central

Peake and Renzo Dining Set - £549.99 -

Create a bright, streamlined kitchen-diner using a contemporary palette of fresh whites. Keep the design sleek and minimal with a white gloss and chrome dining set, matching countertops and handleless cabinets. “Decorate your all-white space with elegant pendant lights and contemporary art to maintain a modern feel,” Rebecca says.

Recently, the kitchen has evolved to take on additional functions like a home office or study space. “Since so much time is spent here - from multiple meals to working through the day - it makes sense for the kitchen to be the smart home control centre,” she explains. For most smart home brands, all that involves is placing the hub device on an easily-accessible countertop.

Peake and Renzo Dining Set - £549.99 -

“Convenience and practicality are central to great smart home design. Whether it’s controlling your music or voice activating the robot vacuum while checking your emails, create a smart home that works for you,” says Rebecca.

“Make sure it functions best for your lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy starting the day with a cup of coffee, an automated coffee maker that begins brewing when you wake up would be a great addition.”

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