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4 fresh green interior ideas for the new year

4 fresh green interior ideas for the new year

Give your home a fresh, lively update with stylish greens from Pantone’s Colours of Vitality palette.

Add subtle drama to a modern kitchen-diner with Pantone’s Jelly Bean. Try it with dinnerware or paint your cabinets for a wow effect. Balance the cool tones with an oak dining set and pops of soft peach.

In the bedroom, introduce Pantone’s Love Bird through your bedding, or go all out with a bright accent wall. Choose an oak bed for a natural look and layer with a deep forest green to create a lush, restful effect.

Transform a space with playful prints in Pantone’s Summer Green using tropical-inspired removable wallpaper. Complement with lots of white and pops of teal, pastel pink and mint green for a contemporary space.

Use Pantone’s Classic Green to brighten up a living room with a vibrant green half-wall. Balance these bold tones with a calming grey sofa, modern black accents and elegant brass finishes.

Associated with nature, abundance and vitality, kickstart 2022 on a fresh, lively note with the colour green.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice (, shares how to style your home with Pantone’s Colours of Vitality palette.

Give the kitchen an elegant update with Pantone 17-6030 Jelly Bean

Grange and Oxford Dining Set
Grange and Oxford Dining Set - £799.99 -

Undertones of luxurious jade create this lush colour reminiscent of peppermint and greenery - great for adding subtle drama to a modern kitchen-diner. “Experiment through little pops like dinnerware and throws, or kick it up a notch by giving your cabinetry a fresh coat of paint,” says Rebecca. “A warm oak dining set pairs exceptionally well and helps to balance this cool green, as do small pops of a soft peach like Pantone 5175 C.”

Energise the bedroom with pops of Pantone 13-0443 Love Bird

Bergamo Double Bed
Bergamo Double Bed - £499.99 -

“In the bedroom, use little bursts of Love Bird for a boost of energy and positivity, and layer with a deeper forest green to tone things down,” suggests Rebecca. Experiment through soft furnishings like bedding and throws, or brighten up a nook with a Love Bird accent wall. Choose a warm oak bed to get a soothing, natural look and decorate with natural materials like plants or candles.

Furniture And Choice
Furniture And Choice

“These bright, citrusy tones are great for creating a colour pop behind artwork or photos. They also make stylish backdrops for taking pictures,” she says.

Experiment with playful prints in Pantone 14-0156 Summer Green

Caro Double Bed
Caro Double Bed - £329.99 -

Summer Green is a pleasing, almost pastel shade that works well in an airy bedroom or living room. “Use removable wallpaper as a rental-friendly hack to instantly transform any space. In this fun, tropical-inspired bedroom, the Summer Green botanical print adds character in a chic, curated way,” says Rebecca.

Complement this cool tone with plenty of white and pops of teal, pastel pink and mint green to create a contemporary space.

Brighten up a living room with accents of Pantone 16-6340 Classic Green

Hampton Corner Sofa
Hampton Corner Sofa - £1499.99 -

Bring the outdoors in with a vibrant green half-wall in the living room and matching accessories in a similar hue. “Classic Green is a lively colour that reminds us of freshly-cut grass and evokes the same invigorating feeling - perfect for an airy, contemporary space,” says Rebecca. “Balance these bold tones with a soothing grey sofa, modern black accents and brass finishes for an elegant touch.”

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