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The barbecue is the ultimate outdoor gathering – freshly-grilled food and drink out in the sun (hopefully) with friends, family, co-workers and neighbours… everyone gets invited over at BBQ time!

But, what if not all of your guests are up for eating the meat-filled menu? Actually, there’s loads of veggie – and vegan – friendly things you can do on the barbecue, and you might find they’re as delicious as the meaty options.


The grill situation

First things first: make sure you have a separate grill for the veggie options. There aren’t any complex reasons for this – after a long time without it, eating food contaminated with meat juices could actually make your veggie mates feel a bit ill, putting a downer on the party atmosphere somewhat. Pick up some cheap disposables if you need to!

veggie burger


Think differently

Halloumi cheese is surely well-known as the go-to veggie option at the barbecue by now, and for good reason – it’s ridiculously delicious. Baked potatoes, peppers and corn-on-the-cob are popular too. But why not mix things up, throw some giant Portobello mushrooms on the grill, or slice a sweet potato in to big, thick, steak-like chunks, wrap it in foil, and cook until melt-in-the-mouth soft. Your vegetarian pals will thank you for the change of pace to the usual barbecue fodder!



Marinade like it’s going out of style

This is a lesson that could apply to your meat servings as well, but the best way to bring a blander veggie alternative to life is with an awesome marinade. Crush some garlic and herbs and mix it with soy sauce or a teriyaki glaze and let it soak in to the veg for around an hour before it hits the grill. Or you can get a bit more adventurous with one of these mouth-watering marinade ideas.

balsamic marinade


Lots of hummus

Think about the amount of hummus you could reasonably need for the amount of guests you have, and then double it. Everyone will love some homemade hummus, and it’s easy to make plenty with this simple recipe.

galric hummus


Don’t forget the drinks

Just one last thing – it may surprise some of you to find out that not all beers, ciders and wines are veggie and vegan-friendly. Check your potential tipples against Barnivore to make sure they’re ok. We also found an amazing cocktail recipe using grilled fruit – try this and soon you’ll be the best veggie host in town!

beer wheelbarrow

If you have any veggie barbecue tips we’d love to hear them!