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Summer’s over, and we’re rapidly running short of time to spend in the garden. We know, we know, there’s so much more you wanted to get done before the sun disappeared, and now you’ve just got a stack of unused gardening supplies that will be cluttering the garage or shed until next year.

Or will they? We have some great ideas that don’t necessarily involve going outdoors, and are ideal for autumn or the tail end of the gardening season.


1. Pond in a pot

Pond in a pot

Create a beautiful water feature in just a few easy steps, and fill with water-based plants that will be able to cope a little better without the summer sun. You might be surprised at the wildlife it attracts!


2. Outdoor heater

Plant pot heater
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Perfect for the colder months, this! Raise a clay pot on a small platform, and place some tea lights underneath. The candles will heat the pot, which will radiate much more heat than you might expect. Great for keeping small rooms toasty, and could keep you warm in a pinch if you ever suffer a winter power-outage.


3. Wind chime

Wind chime

They won’t quite ring like a metal chime, but terracotta pots will clink nice and gently in the wind for a really unique sound. Keep it simple or decorate with beads and ornaments like this one here.


4. Storage pots

Painted plant pot

Simple one, this – you basically just put things in them. Job done. But it’s all about the decoration – we loved these decoupage designs.


5. Candle holder

Pot candle holder
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If you’ve got any smashed pots, this is a really creative way to make use of them. Any shard will need a bit of the base and a section of wall, so you can decorate the inside, shield the flame from drafts, and have a safe base to keep the candle on.


Any cool plant pot recycling ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments!