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Some say that a home isn’t complete without a pet. Those furry little companions that keep us company no matter what we do – in exchange for a little scratch behind the ears and some treats, of course. We love ’em to bits, but they can destroy a carefully-curated décor style in seconds.

We’ve got some great tips to keep your home looking stylish and clean, and your possessions safe and sound, without the need to impose strict rules on your fuzzy little monsters.


Colour co-ordinate

fluffy cat

Unless you’ve opted for fish, a snake, or one of those hairless cats, then you’re going to be encountering some serious hair issues. Animals moult like there’s no tomorrow, and soon your home will be coated in the stuff. Match their fur to your furnishings and it won’t be quite as noticeable: if you’ve got a white cat, then avoid dark rugs!


Protect your cables

bunny cables

Some creatures love to chew – any rabbit owners in particular will know how quickly they can munch through a laptop charger. Run cable protectors under rugs or carpets, or mount on the wall in cable boxings – you could even paint them to match your décor. This simple fix using a decorative case will keep cables safe with the added bonus of hiding the spaghetti-mess from view.


Stylish throws everywhere

Stylish throw

If your pets are big fans of hopping up and joining you on the furniture, then shredded sofa cushions and suspect stains will be all too familiar. Keep everyone cosy and protect your furniture all while mixing up your style: throws and blankets can add a burst of colour to a room, and can easily be put in the wash to take care of shedded fur and unsightly marks.


Keep it out of reach

high shelves
Apartment Therapy

Whether rowdy pets charging around the room regularly sends valuables flying, or curious creatures have a habit of shredding books or batting things to the floor, it’s probably best to store things well out of reach! Wall-mounted shelves will keep things safe and look great while doing so – just keep them away from curtains in case your cats are climbers.


Creature comforts

Pizza pug

Keep your pets distracted from destroying your things by giving them some things of their own to snuggle up on or claw at! It may cost a little more, but investing in a slightly more lavish dog bed will put your pup off sneaking onto the sofa. There’s plenty of creative options out there that both you and your pets will love to have around the house.


Do you have any tips for living harmoniously with pets? Let us know in the comments!