Furniture Choice

With half term here make sure you’re prepared with some exciting activities you can do with the kids! With no need to spend lots of money on days out (not all the time, at least) or additional materials, here are some of our favourite craft ideas that relate to the ever-relevant theme of weather. Happy crafting!


Hanging mobiles

Perfect when hung in a window or over your child’s bed, even little fingers can get involved when it comes to making a hanging mobile. What’s more, you can even go to whatever lengths you like with this craft!

Rainbow Decoration

For this example we’ve chosen a weather theme. The main (and most colourful!) weather occurrences that look great when hung are a big, bright sun, fluffy white clouds – sometimes with dangling ‘rain’ – and rainbows! Opting to cut these out of coloured paper is a brilliantly quick and mess-free way of creating the shapes, though if you did fancy being more adventurous, invest in lots of (washable) paint, cotton wool, felt and possibly even blue cellophane that can be cut into strips and hung beneath your clouds. The kids will no doubt enjoy the chance to get really creative with their weather shapes! Older children might even like the challenge of adding additional shapes to their mobiles, or even to make them a little more 3D.

Cloud Mobile

Remember to make two of every shape so that when it comes to affixing the string or twine, you can glue the two sides together to hide the join. When dry, tie the other ends of the string or twine to an appropriately sized twig (great for getting the kids outside a little too) and tie another piece of string to form a hanging knot around the middle of the branch. Voila – a weather mobile!


Rain sticks

The childhood instrument of choice, a rain stick is designed so that it really does replicate the sound of falling rain! Even better, it only needs a few bits and bobs to create – perfect for some quick creative fun in the school holidays.

Rain Stick

Crisp tubes with the round plastic lids work best, but a kitchen roll tube that’s taped up at one end will do brilliantly too! Fill the tube about a quarter full with uncooked rice and/or lentils, and seal the other end with some tape. Next, it’s time to let the kids go wild! Bring out lots of paints, and ask them to decorate their rain maker in a way that they think the rain makes them feel. Many opt for blue tones, some might even go for the more natural grey look, but expect rainbows and various patterns too. When dry, tip the tube upside down to hear the falling rain – ideal for embracing a true British holiday!